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9 Mobile Apps for Business Training

A small business owner must continually learn new skills to address challenges. Mobile training apps provide an inexpensive and convenient way to train yourself as you run your changing business.

Here is a list of mobile apps for business training and education. Some of the apps are structured business courses and training applications, while others are for casual learning. They cover a spectrum of business topics and related subjects.

American Express OPEN Forum

OPEN Forum provides articles, videos, discussion boards and events to help small business owners get informed and inspired. It offers a hub for ideas and insights from industry experts, as well as tools to help small business owners generate leads. New content and insights are available to everyone. Additional special features may only be available for American Express OPEN cardmembers. Available on Android, iPhone. Price: Free. is a free language-learning site. Courses include over 3,000 words and key phrases, and 150 different topics using day-to-day situations. Access comprehensive audio-visual learning material, including vocabulary, dialogues and interactive tests. The free version includes 20 complete learning units. Additional content may be purchased. Available for Android, iPhone. Price: Free.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center offers free mobile apps for its web conferencing platform. In addition to being a conferencing tool, the platform offers hundreds of educational webinars. The majority of the webinars are business-related, though there are a variety of other subjects, including health and fitness, and arts and culture. Available for Android, iPhone. Price: Free.


Curatr is a teaching tool for those who already have their own content and need to train others. Curatr engages a user by turning the training into a social game. Curatr features an experience-points, levels-system and social curation to engage and motivate the learner. Available for iPhone. Price: Basic edition is free. Call for enterprise edition.

iTunes U

iTunes U is a distribution system for everything from language lessons, labs, audio books and tours. There are over 350,000 free lectures, videos, and other resources already on iTunes U. Available for iPhone. Price: Free.

Learning To-Go

Learning To-Go by Intersog offers a variety of business apps, including Pocket MBA, Pocket CFO, Full Business Learning Course, Small Business Guide, Full Finance Learning Course, Business Essentials, Ecommerce, and
Business Reference Library. Apps incorporate text, flash cards and tests. Available for Android, iPhone. Price: Free to $29.99. offers an iPhone app to access its online-training video library. There are hundreds of business subjects to choose from, as well as additional subjects like graphic and web design. Videos range in length from thirty minutes to several hours. Available for iPhone. Price: App is free; subscription is $25/month.

Sandler Training

Sandler Training iPhone app is a supplement to its business training courses; however, the app can be used as a stand-alone business tool. The app offers tips on sales and leadership development. Available for iPhone. Price: $4.99.


Skill-Pill is a free app to view two-minute training videos called “pills” to reinforce business skills. Users can view paid content through products such as the Mobile MBA and Pocket Guru. Topics include strategy and marketing, finance and accounting, human capital, operations, technology and change. In addition, companies can create their own content. Available for Android, iPhone. Price: App is free; content is paid.

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  1. Juan Bailey May 10, 2012 Reply

    A must have app for any business…MY SALES DIALER launched a dialer same as call center power dialer for android phones. It is mobile based CRM. It works on both VoIP and Telephony. Free version is great!!

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