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16 Responsive Ecommerce Themes on WordPress

Responsive design allows a business to reach computers, tablets and smartphones from a single website.

Here is a list of responsive themes on WordPress for ecommerce sites. Many of these themes are designed to be used with specific ecommerce plugins. All are premium themes, though relatively inexpensive.


Sentient uses the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. This responsive theme is built upon jQuery masonry to showcase products without wasted space. It has several color schemes, a customizable home page, and two custom shortcodes to highlight messages and to display sale banners. Price: $70.


Shelflife is a responsive WordPress theme, for the WooCommerce plugin, with a home page dedicated to featured, popular, and recent products. It has dedicated spaces for mini-features and promotions powered by their own custom post types, as well as a sidebar widget and footer regions. Price: $70.


Gridport features V-grid animation for product page images, optional pop-out shopping cart tab, and fancybox effects for all images. Price: $59.


Argentum is a WordPress theme that uses the WooCommerce plugin. It has a clean responsive design with two shortcodes, a sticky note and a banner, and a unique template to showcase sale products. The home page has two widget areas and a space for your latest blog. Price: $70.


Echo is a flexible WordPress theme that works with a number of ecommerce plugins – WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce, Jigoshop and BuddyPress. It features a responsive grid layout, and customizable background and controls. Price: $55.


Emporium is a responsive WordPress theme to use with the WooCommerce plugin. The home page contains an optional responsive slider to highlight your featured and recent products, while providing two widget areas, and a space for your latest blog posts. Price: $70.


Wardrobe features a headline product slider, promotional line, AJAX-powered navigation and more. Wardrobe is compatible with WordPress plugins WP e-Commerce, Jigoshop and WooCommerce. Price: $69.

Sneakers Addict

Sneakers Addict is designed for casual fashion, clothing stores, and independent fashion lines. It features a large slider that previews the next thumbnail in CSS-powered rounded corners. Wardrobe is compatible with WordPress plugins WP e-Commerce, Jigoshop and WooCommerce. Price: $69.


Minshop is a responsive ecommerce WordPress theme powered by the WooCommerce plugin. It features custom post and product sliders, header widget to display a banner ad, up to four widget columns, and seven theme skins. Price: $39.

Shop Theme

Shop Theme is a responsive WordPress theme that works with the Jigoshop or WooCommerce plugins. It features custom header and background options, jQuery featured content slider, and multiple home page layouts. Price: $69.

Sally Store

Sally Store is a responsive WordPress theme designed to work with the Jigoshop plugin. It is available in two color choices. Sally Store is suitable for a craft clothing store or party shop. Price: $79.


Shopo is a responsive WordPress theme designed for larger shops with large selections of products. It features multiple promotional areas, including a welcome message, feature slider and product slider. Price: $39.


Femme is a responsive WordPress theme powered by WooCommerce. It is designed as a magazine-styled shop. It features custom menus and a set of often-used shortcodes. Price: $39.


Agora is a clean WordPress theme for the WooCommerce plugin. The responsive theme features multiple promotional areas and ten custom widgets. Price: $39.


Cloth is a minimal WordPress theme. The striking theme is suitable for a wide variety of products. It features new arrivals and on-sale products, cool cart detail effects, and three types of content layout. It is compatible with WP e-Commerce, Jigoshop, and WooCommerce plugins. Price: $30.


Whitelight is a responsive WordPress theme for the WooCommerce plugin. It features a custom home page slider that’s usable on mobile devices, an optional intro message area, portfolio management, and up to four widget areas. Price: $70.

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  1. Ed Klopfenstein August 7, 2012 Reply

    Out of all these, I’m in love with Shelflife. Looks great and functions like a pro. If you’re into WordPress and ecommerce, ShelfLife is worth every penny.

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