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17 Websites with Video Backgrounds

Video is an excellent tool to present a product or a brand, as well as engage an audience with a rich visual experience. And when a website uses video in its background, the effect can be stunning.

Here is a list of websites that utilize background videos. There are clothing sites, beverages, web and content designers, and more. All of these websites focus on visual experience, design and innovation.

I Surf Because

I Surf Because is part of Billabong’s digital marketing campaign. Fans can watch cool surf videos with inspiring personalized messages. Visitors can select a surf video clip and enter their own surf statement. The site also links to Billabong products and online retailers.


LemonAid is a beverage that seeks to make a difference. The retro-style video site tells the story of the fair-trade product, its genesis and evolution, setting it apart from standard beverages. “It’s about taste, design, concept in the belief that the way we do business has to change.”

Nike: M6

Nike: M6 is a multi-media journey that takes Jordan Melo’s sixth signature shoe from its design to the store. It features Melo, designers, testers and players. The background video allows visitors to get up-close and personal with the M6.


Razorfish is an interactive agency that helps companies build great brands by creating engaging experiences for consumers. Viewers can watch video from any of the Razorfish offices worldwide.


Uniqlock is a campaign for Uniqlo, a casual-clothing retailer in Japan. The video features dance routines, music and a clock. In addition to showing the clothes in motion, the video is a way for the consumer to see style and energy of the brand.


Valentino displays its ad campaigns as background videos throughout the website. The Italian clothing company shows its line in an environment of beauty and elegance, with simple links to shop online.

We Choose the Moon

We Choose the Moon is a real-time interactive website from the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. The background video allows the user to track the entire mission through its stages.

The Wood

The Wood is a bar and restaurant in the heart of Brussels and its park, the Bois de la Cambre. The background video shows the park exterior, as well as the aesthetic of the restaurant. Users can get information about the business and the history of the park, as they enjoy the woodsy experience.

Russian Standard Vodka

Russian Standard Vodka has a video background on its website that displays colorful cocktails, delicious appetizers, vodka trivia, and related-information.


Y.CO, The Yacht Company, provides access to luxury yachts available for sale and luxury yacht charter services. In the website’s background video, visitors enjoy an ambling tour of a yacht’s interior.

Coolfire Media

Coolfire Media is a full-service production and post studio offering directorial, editorial, motion graphics, animation, audio, and original music composition. The website’s background video flies visitors over a community and through the clouds — simple and impressive.

John Galliano

John Galliano is the label of the British fashion designer. The website’s background video reveals the clothes looking their best on the runway of a crowded fashion show.

Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon features a showroom pitch with an interactive tour through five Avalon qualities: roomy, wireless, handy, intuitive, and smooth. This site is a celebration of the auto showroom.


MTL12 is a 12-episode documentary about Montreal and the people who live there. The menu speeds the viewer through the city, both above and below ground. It is an interactive tour of the project and its segments.


MediNovak is a creative design agency that specializes in web design, online marketing, graphic design, and corporate identity solutions. The website’s background video presents a stylish and beautiful composition for visitors of the agency.

From Scratch

From Scratch is a web design, development and 3D animation studio, focused on emotional engagement and endless entertainment for the consumer. The menu’s background video shows an exploding logo, a hopping soda-can, a goldfish disguised as a shark, and more.

Random Dance

Random Dance is a dance company founded by Wayne McGregor. The company is known for using new technology and incorporating animation, digital film, 3D architecture, electronic sound and virtual dancers. The menu’s background video is a great way to highlight the company’s dancing.

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Kelly November 8, 2012 Reply

    It really depends on your product and your market. I love video but in some of these examples it’s style over substance or practicality. The LemonAid site is a prime example. What’s with the font size? And what’s with using Flash? Right of the gate anyone on an iPhone or iPad are gone. The Valentino site though is magical.

  2. Mike Darnell June 24, 2013 Reply

    Hi Sig, Hi Kelly,
    To build on what Kelly said, these are beautiful sites, but the focus on style presents difficulties across multiple devices. Then there’s ROI to consider. Sites like these take considerable time and money to produce, making them difficult to justify for small businesses.

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