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16 New Ecommerce Books for the 2012 Holidays

Here are new ecommerce and Internet-marketing books for winter 2012. There are new titles on social media, conversion optimization, entrepreneurship, email marketing, and content creation.

I compiled this record using Amazon’s “Books” category. I selected “Browse Subjects” and chose the “Business & Investing” sub-category. From there, I selected “Industries & Professions,” and chose “E-commerce.” Then I handpicked titles from that group, based on customer ratings, publication date, and relevance.

New Ecommerce Books

One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs by Stephen Key

This book provides a roadmap for the entrepreneurial dream by delivering a straightforward process for starting, growing and running a business, without the need for an M.B.A. or millions in funding. Develop, test, and protect your idea. Launch you business, market your product, and grow your business. Kindle $12.10; Hardcover $13.09.

How to Sell Your Crafts Online by Derrick Sutton

With over 400,000 sellers on Etsy, how can you make your shop stand out and increase your sales? Learn how to boost your Etsy sales, attract more customers, expand your online presence, optimize your Etsy shop, and more. Kindle $9.99; Paperback $14.95.

Likeable Business by Dave Kerpen, Theresa Braun, Valerie Pritchard

You can have a rock-solid business strategy, unlimited resources, and the most talented people on staff. But only one thing is guaranteed in today’s hyper-connected society: If your business isn’t likeable, it will fail. Likeable Business lays out 11 strategies for organizations of all sizes to spur growth, profits, and overall success. Kindle $12.10; Paperback $14.06; Hardcover $20.70.

You Should Test That! by Chris Goward

Part science and part art, conversion optimization is designed to turn visitors into customers. This book guides you through creating an optimization strategy that supports your business goals, using appropriate analytics tools, generating quality testing ideas, running online experiments, and making the adjustments that work. Paperback $18.04.

The Dragonfly Effect by Jennifer Aaker, Andy Smith

The Dragonfly Effect shows you how to tap social media and psychological insights to achieve a single, concrete goal. Features customer loyalty case studies of global companies like the Gap, Starbucks, and Facebook. Leverage the power of design concepts and psychological research with practical strategies. Kindle $14.27; Hardcover $17.13.

The Connected Company by Dave Gray (Author), Thomas Vander Wal

When your customers are delighted, they can amplify your message in ways that were never before possible. But when your customers are disappointed, they can seize control of your brand message, spreading their frustration faster than you can keep up. To keep pace with today’s connected customers, become a connected company. Change how work is done, how you measure success, and how performance is rewarded. Kindle $9.99; Hardcover $14.14.

Think Like Zuck by Ekaterina Walter

The book explores the critical elements that drive the success of Facebook and businesses like it, such as having passion to change the world, clear vision, and higher purpose to execute, extraordinary team-building skills, and a flexible business strategy. Hardcover $14.60.

The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan, Julien Smith

To make people care about what you have to say, you need more than just a good idea, trust among your audience, or a certain number of followers. You need a potent mix of all of the above and more. Use The Impact Equation to figure out what you’re doing right and wrong. Apply it to a blog, a tweet, a video, or a mainstream-media advertising campaign. Kindle $12.99; Paperback $11.26; Hardcover $15.85.

Guerrilla Facebook Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson, Kelvin Lim

This book contains practical tips on building Guerrilla marketing strategies in Facebook that can work for any business. Get insights on Facebook’s culture and Guerrilla Marketers’ beliefs, and what these insights mean to your overall marketing strategy. Learn how to use Facebook data to shape your marketing campaign. Boost your knowledge of Facebook features by familiarizing yourself with 25 Facebook-specific Guerrilla weapons. Kindle $7.99; Paperback $11.20.

The Social Media Manifesto by Jed Hallam

The Social Media Manifesto is a handbook on how social technology can be incorporated into a business, with practical advice, case studies, and insights from global business leaders. More than just technology or marketing, explore social technology, organizational culture and the way people work together. Hardcover $28.09.

Advanced Social Media Marketing by Tom Funk

Advanced Social Media Marketing cuts through the fluff about how social media is changing the world, and it gets down to what really matters: How to use social media to benefit your business. Written by a veteran online marketer and ecommerce professional, the book shares practical strategies and tactics to let you launch and scale a successful social media program. Kindle $9.99; Paperback $19.79.

Renegades Write the Rules by Amy Jo Martin

Renegades Write the Rules reveals the innovative strategies behind the social media success of today’s top celebrities, brands, and sports icons, and how to follow their lead. Learn how to build a faithful following and beat the competition clamoring for people’s attention by continually delivering value — when, where, and how people want it. Kindle $12.99; Hardcover $15.81.

Email Marketing That Sells by Robert Coorey

Here is a no-nonsense guide that shows you how to be a great email marketer. Learn how to get your emails opened, when and how often to send your emails, and more. Kindle $9.99.

The Network Is Your Customer by David L. Rogers

This book shows business owners and company leaders how to think strategically about customer networks and harness their power to create new opportunities for any organization. It focuses on five core behaviors of networked customers: accessing, engaging, customizing, connecting, and collaborating. Kindle $13.20; Paperback $17.00; Hardcover $14.27.

Cash Content Creation by Stuart Brown

Discover web content creation secrets that can help you to produce great written content for your websites. Learn how to turn your market research strategies and great ideas into content you can be proud of. Kindle $8.71; Paperback $13.95.

Online Reputation Management for Dummies by Lori Randall Stradtman

In today’s social world, managing your online reputation is more critical than ever, whether it’s your company brand, or yourself as a brand. One thing is certain — everyone needs a plan. This essential book shows you how to set up a system that works every day, helps forward your brand’s online goals, and is able to deal with negative chatter. Kindle $15.11; Paperback $15.91.

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