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15 Easy Mobile App Solutions

Mobile apps can be easy to make. With the variety of mobile app builders to choose from, even non-coders can build their own mobile apps with ease — from basic catalogs to complex utilities.

Here is a list of solutions to build your own mobile app. These tools are primarily for users with little or no coding experience. There are templates and drag-and-drop app builders, marketplaces with app widgets, and communities to enlist development help. Several builders offer m-commerce solutions. These app builders provide free or low-cost solutions, and provide relatively inexpensive custom solutions.


RunRev’s LiveCode development language is an English-like language for programming apps. With LiveCode Mobile for Android and iOS, you can deliver to multiple devices and platforms from a single code base in a language that makes sense to non-coders. App features include push notifications, GPS, text messaging, in-app purchasing, and much more. A commercial license is $500.


Turn your ecommerce store into an m-commerce app with MobiCart. Works on its own, or links up to your existing website, syncing with a wide variety of shopping carts and PayPal. Start up with the free plan, limited to 10 products. Premium plans range from $15 to $49 per month.


ShoutEm enables you to bring in content through your URL or RSS feed. Create an app that features a news feed, videos, audio podcasts, GPS elements, game badge mechanics, calendar and event listings, community pages and more. ShoutEm offers multiple CMS integration options to sync WordPress, Drupal, or your social network with your app. Basic HTML5 app is $19.90 per month; native apps start at $49 per month.


Zubibu allows you to set up a browser-based mobile version of an online shop, as well as native iOS apps. Import your ecommerce store’s product feed and PayPal account. Customize with your own brand elements, logo, product images and descriptions. Starter shop is $14.99 per month for 1,000 products listed; native app plans start at $99.99 per month for 25,000 products listed.


AppMakr lets you make iPhone and iOS app with no coding required. Build a basic app with a RSS, podcast, video, and push notifications. Create and update apps for free; upgrade to the $79 per month paid version for ad-free, monetization, and enhanced features.


Use GENWI to create a live content app for Android or iOS. Repurpose existing content or create new content. Utilize promotional features such as social sharing and QR codes. Ideal for marketers and content publishers. Contact for pricing.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie allows users to create apps in many unique categories that range from mobile games to business utilities. Ecommerce is coming soon. Drag and drop to create Android and iOS apps for exposure, sharing, and monetization. Price ranges from free to $40 per month; Appy Pie also offers custom app development across a variety of platforms.


MyAppBuilder offers three solutions to build your app. For $29 per month, create your own content apps for basic RSS, video, or quiz elements. Monthly membership fee allows you to create and manage two apps per month. For $499 base cost, have MyAppBuilder build a medium app, such as a small game. If you require a large app with complex interfaces, libraries, and custom code, submit app blueprint with features, flow and files to get your app done. The Build For Me Pro plan starts at $5,000.


iWebKit is a free file package designed to help you create iOS apps. The kit is a simple framework, accessible even if you have little HTML5 experience, with a complete guide to walk you through the process. If you sell your app, purchase an iWebKit commercial license with a onetime payment of €19.99. has a drag and drop visual builder to build user interfaces with popular jQuery Mobile and HTML5 components. Add a cloud database and backend to your app. Add functionality with the plug-in catalog. Instantly test native apps and native features. The first app is free; premium plans start at $15 per month.


Canvas is an easy, fast, and economical way for businesses to find, customize and create mobile apps to replace paper forms. Canvas provides thousands of industry-specific app templates. Every Canvas app is customizable and can incorporate GPS, image capture, barcode scanning, electronic signatures, and access to business lists such as parts catalogs and patient records. Unlimited access is $20 per month.


MobBase is an app builder for musicians and artists. Share music, photos, videos, tweets, and mobile access to your web store to buy merchandise. Available for Android, iOS, and HTML5. Native apps are $20 per month, along with an activation fee.


Buzztouch features a plugin market, a mobile app University, and a social community of experienced and novice developers. Leverage code in Plugin Market so you don’t have to write it yourself or team up with somebody to help you. Create iOS and Android projects using the buzztouch API. You can create and download iOS and Android projects without visiting Buzztouch is free for up to 3 hosted apps; $49.99 per year for up to 50 hosted apps.


iBuildApp lets you create a free Android or iPhone app in minutes. Build your app quickly using built-in widgets, such as events, video lists, Google Maps, Facebook, and more. Purchase industry specific templates from the marketplace. Create an iBuildApp branded app for free; white-label apps start at $9.99 per month.


CloudSpokes is a crowd-sourced cloud development platform and marketplace — hosting more that 70,000 experts from roughly 100 countries. Customers pay only for results, rather than development time. Post your app challenge, facilitate the discussion, score the submissions, and retrieve your assets. Check out the collection of mobile app examples developed through CloudSpokes. Project rates are set by client.


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  1. vlad October 9, 2013 Reply

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