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The other day my kids approached me and informed me that they wanted to start their own online business. They have a fantastic idea so I figured what the heck; this will be a great summer project. We sat down and brainstormed over lunch, and before I knew it we had been talking for over an hour. I was amazed at their ideas, their creativity and their passion for their idea. Watching and listening to them reminded me of my early days when I was building our first website. Before I knew it they had come up with a brand, a domain and a very basic business plan. We are now in research mode and the kids still haven’t lost sight of their goal.

Since I started our business I have dealt with the guilt of being home, but feeling like I’m not really “there” for my kids. Balancing family time, work time, me time is a never ending struggle. What I never stopped to realize was what my children were learning from me. They were learning about hard work, goals, balance and drive. I soon realized that I am raising the next generation of entrepreneurs. We all had our lemonade stands as kids, is an online business the next step for this generation?

As parents we want what is best for our kids. I want my children to have the same flexibility and freedom that I enjoy. I want them to see that hard work really does make a difference. What better way to give them this than teach them about being an entrepreneur and running a business. We had a long discussion about cost of goods the other day. My kids are eight years old and we are talking about cost of goods, I just have to laugh! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; they have been by my side (or on my lap) since the beginning of our business. They watched me celebrate each sale, they helped me pack shipments, they watched the business grow.

Take a moment and involve your kids in your work. You might be surprised at how much they will enjoy spending time with you and being involved in your business. You never know, they just might give you some new ideas!

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  1. iPhone Application Development October 20, 2011 Reply

    As per my believe you are the first who inspiring from your home. Home matter and business matter are two different things. But in your case both are one because you have business supporting factors in the form of kids.

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