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Working Without Distractions

It is Spring Break here and for the first time I sent the kids over the river and through the woods to their Grandmother’s house. They are having a great time and for the first time ever I am able to focus 100% of my energy on work. I was looking forward to this for weeks, knowing that I would be able to get caught up on so many projects and really focus on work. The funny thing is, I am too focused. I never realized how much my children help me to draw the line between work and home. Without them, it’s just work. The first day they were gone I sat down at my desk and before I knew it, it was dark outside. Sure I got a lot done, but if the kids weren’t here, I think I would do that every day. That really isn’t a good thing.

I also noticed that I didn’t do anything else this week but work. I work from home, so I really don’t need to stop. In fact I realized at 7am this morning that I didn’t do the laundry (therefore, my husband didn’t have clothes for work!). He survived but was surprised when I said my excuse was that I’ve just been so busy this week.

I talk to other parents who work from home and it seems we all assume that if we could just get some time to ourselves we could really grow our business, or we could really get things done in a timely manner. What I am finding is that I am more disciplined when I have a full day of work, kids, home, sports, etc. in front of me.

I write a lot about working from home and finding a balance between my job and my life. For years I’ve struggled with my entrepreneur side, and my Mom side. Now that the kids are gone, I miss them. I miss the distractions. They’ll be home soon, which is good – I really need to get some things done around here.

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  1. iPhone Application Development October 7, 2011 Reply

    That is the point Kara. Sparing sometime for us or for our family should be the part of our business. Sometime family can do such a job that helps us in our business. I strongly believe that give few time to our family or making such schedule which covers both family and business.

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