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Losing Balance

Things have been a little crazy around here, so I apologize I haven’t written this blog in awhile. The last couple of months have been a true whirlwind of work, kids and life. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you felt crushed by everything going on around you? I often write about the balance between life and work as a work-at-home parent because it can be quite challenging. For awhile I thought I had that balance mastered – then school started and my balance completely fell apart.

I recently missed a very big event for my kids. I missed it because I was so overwhelmed with everything else going I couldn’t focus on anything at all. I realized I need to get that balance back, and I needed to do it soon before I miss something else.

A good friend told me that when mistakes are made, whether they be in life or in business, you have to look at them as a growth opportunity. These mistakes or loss of balance open up a window for you to grow from them, not dwell on them and fall even deeper into disorganization, mistakes etc. She’s right, by missing that event it opened my eyes that I need to just stop, breathe, and get myself organized in order to get that balance back.

Since that day I decided my goal for October would be to get that balance (and my sanity) back. I know you have probably heard it before, get a master calendar. Well what good is a master calendar if you don’t even have the time to fill it out?!! I decided to set a timer and get my calendar in order. I had a few important things on it, some were on my phone calendar, others were on my office calendar– no wonder I didn’t know what was going on, I had too many calendars! After getting everything down on one calendar life looked a little more manageable. From there I input everything into my phone and set reminders so my phone could help me too. Now I take a little time every day going over the calendar.

I also decided it was time to ask for help. This is something that I have never been good at, but I knew it was time. My husband has helped out more this month then anytime in our marriage. He is helping out at home and even transporting kids to school and other activities when he can. All I had to do was ask. I also had to admit that I couldn’t be everything to everyone all the time. That was hard to admit, but it’s true. This has made a huge difference for me this month. So far I have completed every project on time and I have been able to focus more on working than running around trying to catch up with myself. I’ve been able to go to the gym and I even wrote this blog!

I certainly have grown since missing my kids’ big day, but obviously I needed a wakeup call. I’m sorry I missed their event, but I’m glad I was able to grow from my mistake and make my life better balanced.

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