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Everyday Acts that Turn into Magical Moments

Last week was high school homecoming for two of my daughters. They each went out to a local restaurant with their friends for dinner. When I went with another mom to pick up the kids (the freshmen couldn’t drive themselves yet), the teens told us that apparently their bill (which was about $250) had already been paid.

Towards the end of dinner, the server went to their table and informed them that another customer had anonymously paid their bill. The customer saw them having so much fun, he wanted to treat them. We were shocked with this generosity. We told the owner of this local, family owned restaurant that we wanted to send the generous diner a bottle of wine in appreciation. He told us that he would send the table a bottle of wine on him! Again, we were shocked at the generosity!

That night, the other mom and I posted on Facebook about what had happened. All the parents of the eleven kids that were dining together that night, shared the post or made their own post on their Facebook page. We all received many likes and comments regarding the gesture. In addition, I posted a “thank you” on the restaurant’s Facebook page for all their fans to see. One of the moms sent the story to a local news station. We have all told many of our friends.

The moms are planning a girl’s night out to the local establishment.

For the wholesale cost of a bottle of wine, the restaurant owner received word-of-mouth marketing and Facebook marketing. I’m sure the entrepreneur didn’t think twice about his gesture. He didn’t purchase the bottle of wine to receive anything in return… he was just being generous to a generous customer.

This is a reminder to us as business owners that it is the everyday behaviors that reflect our values. The owner didn’t do anything extraordinary. He simply responded in a way he felt best fit the situation. Had he accepted our money for the wine, we wouldn’t have thought twice about it. But he didn’t!

We need to remember this as we go about our everyday business. It is our everyday interactions with our customers that exemplify our customer service. When a customer places an order on, and the spelling of the name is unusual, or I think it is a traditionally boy’s name and the customer selected a boy design, or when I notice that the item is going to a gift recipient and the customer didn’t enter a gift message, I check with the customer. I respond quickly to customer phone calls and emails. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.”

These types of daily occurrences are what make our company memorable. They become magical moments.

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