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Actual Open Source eCommerce cart migration stats reveal market trends

I recently had the opportunity to discuss shopping cart migrations with Oleg Cherevatyy, the commercial director for Magnetic One’s “Cart2Cart” service. Magnetic One has been a long-time service provider for open source eCommerce merchants. Their biggest product has been a desktop program that allows merchants to manage their online store on their personal computer (rather than across the web) for faster editing, easy and fast import/export, and QuickBooks integration.

Cart2Cart is the brand name of Magnetic One’s service that moves an online merchant from one host to another, or upgrades a program to a newer version, or helps a merchant change from one online store program to another, called “shopping cart migration.” Their services provide some fascinating insights into the ups and downs of eCommerce popularity.

Carts online merchants are migrating away from

By far, Cherevatyy says, the largest number of Cart2Cart shopping cart migrations (the program merchants are moving AWAY from) are from osCommerce and ZenCart, over 1/3 of their business comes from these two old sources. Their remaining migration business is a long list of eCommerce programs, with the old version of VirtueMart 1.x at the top, followed by older versions of CRE Loaded, X-Cart and Miva Merchant.

Shopping carts merchants are migrating away from

  • osCommerce (22%),
  • Zen Cart (14%)
  • VirtueMart 1.x (10%)

Carts merchants are migrating towards

Online merchants who use MagneticOne’s Cart2Cart service overwhelmingly are migrating to Magento, with 45% of their migrations. Magento is a complex and different program, so this could indicate that Magento is very popular, and/or very difficult for merchants to complete this task by themselves.

The next most popular migration is to PrestaShop, with OpenCart being the third most popular cart to migrate to. Other popular destinations include CS-Cart, X-Cart, and Shopify.

Shopping carts merchants are migrating towards

  • Magento (45%),
  • PrestaShop (12%),
  • OpenCart (8%)

Cart2Cart service pricing varies depending on the number of products, customers, and orders in the store. The minimum price is US$49, and the company will give you a preview of 10 products/customers/orders before you decide to proceed.

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Comments ( 5 )

  1. Andrew Youderian June 21, 2012 Reply

    I recently moved a Zencart shop to Magento using their service, and I was impressed how well everything moved over. We did customer data only (not products) but it was a smooth process.

    But 45% moving to Magento? WOW. I knew Magento was growing, but capturing nearly 1/2 of all new migrations is impressive.

  2. eTailAlliance June 26, 2012 Reply

    Magento really is King of the Hill.

    From our survey respondents we are seeing a Open Cart falling into second place and hosted solutions too are becoming popular and are great for those who don’t need customisations.

    Can’t say I am sorry to see the demise of some of the old open source carts.

  3. Expert Magento Developers July 3, 2012 Reply

    Magento has grown especially after ebay’s acquisition.

  4. Sarica Willium July 11, 2012 Reply

    Really nice info on shopping cart and its migration. As per my opinion if we move towards licensed cart products, Pinnacle cart made an effective growing rate as its all reviews/features shown the stats. Magento is of course free to use but very costly when you need a specified extension which is worthily to have in your web store. I like Pinnacle cart store builder as it has tons of cool features those are really very essential for running a successful web store. Thanks

  5. Ricky December 5, 2013 Reply

    Cart2Cart services work for smaller eCommerce stores well. For bigger ones, they are a failure. Had a very bad experience with these guys.

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