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5 Shopper Segments that Boost Email Marketing


“5 Little-known Shopper Segments that Boost Email Marketing” is a free, 30-minute webinar. The presenter is Armando Roggio, contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce. The sponsor is Klaviyo, an innovative marketing platform to accelerate ecommerce email and Facebook campaigns.

The live webinar will occur on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time, 11 a.m. Pacific.

All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar.

Targeted Email Produces Highest Returns

Personalized, segmented emails produce the highest returns. Common segments include geography, gender, and pricing preferences. But there are other, less-common segments for ecommerce merchants to highly-target their email campaigns. In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll address five little-known customer data points that merchants can use to create highly effective segments, to boost email performance.

5 Little-known Shopper Segments that Boost Email Marketing

We’ll address the following less-frequently used shopper segments.

  • Shopping loyalty. There are significant differences between your best customers and those shoppers who have never made a purchase. Separate these distinct groups to create more profit. We’ll review.
  • Marketing interaction. A retailer in California tripled email conversions when it segmented its email list by the time of day customers opened email messages. Understanding when, why, or how shoppers interact with your marketing can help you optimize it. We’ll discuss, with examples.
  • Website and buying behavior. Behavioral segments allow marketers to imply things about customers’ preferences and demographics. The more you know about those preferences the better offers you can make. We’ll cite examples of customer preferences that can affect email returns.
  • Social contest activity. Social media contests can grow your email list and acquire potential customers. The contests can also be a strong indicator of a shopper’s preferences and interests. We’ll explain.
  • Life changing (predictive) purchase behavior. A shopper that purchases, in one visit, a small dog collar, a chew toy, and a dog bed likely has a new puppy. That shopper is about to form new buying habits that are predictable and, potentially, profitable. We’ll review how to identify shoppers who are candidates for predictable, repeat sales.


Following his presentation, Roggio will answer questions from attendees.

About the Presenter

Armando RoggioArmando Roggio is (a) contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce, (b) an independent ecommerce merchant, and (c) a seasoned web developer. He has written hundreds of articles at Practical Ecommerce, covering virtually all facets of running a successful online store. He holds a B.A. in English Writing and Journalism from The University of Pittsburgh.

About the Sponsor

Klaviyo’s marketing automation platform makes it easy to pull important data from your ecommerce platform and then use that data to power better email and Facebook campaigns. Thousands of leading ecommerce stores use Klaviyo to boost sales and improve customer engagement.