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5 Revenue Killers for Ecommerce Merchants


“5 Revenue Killers for Ecommerce Merchants” is a free, 30-minute webinar. The presenter is Pamela Hazelton, contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce. The sponsor is Riskified, a leading ecommerce fraud prevention solution provider.

The live webinar occurred on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.


Avoiding Conversion Mistakes

Ecommerce merchants spend significant time and money trying to optimize sales and the omnichannel shopping experience, only to harm revenue with conversion mistakes. This is especially the case in larger companies, as multiple stakeholders in separate departments often measure success differently.

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll review five less-than-obvious mistakes from merchants that add up to lost revenue.

5 Revenue Killers for Ecommerce Merchants

We’ll address the following key points.

  • Confusing product page elements. There are all-too-common product page elements that actually distract shoppers from clicking calls to action. We’ll explain, with examples.
  • Complicated shopping carts. It is easy to kill sales during the checkout process with unnecessary steps, unclear instructions, unexpected charges, and more.  We’ll review.
  • Requesting too much information. Merchants should collect only essential data from shoppers. We’ll explain what, exactly, you need from shoppers and customers, and what you don’t.
  • Unnecessary shipping choices. Often it is the shipping options — not necessarily shipping costs — that kill the sale. We’ll discuss.
  • Inconsistency between desktop and mobile.  Consumers often switch between a desktop site and a mobile site before they complete an ecommerce transaction.  Even minor differences in logic and processes can cause them to abandon, and kill the sale. We’ll cite examples, and explain.


Following her presentation, Hazelton will answer questions from attendees.

About the Presenter

Pamela HazeltonPamela Hazelton is a longtime contributing editor to Practical Ecommerce. She is an ecommerce consultant and trainer, and the author of books on ecommerce platforms, shopability, and security. She speaks at ecommerce conferences regularly.


About the Sponsor

Riskified is an end-to-end fraud prevention solution trusted by hundreds of global brands. Riskified’s award-winning technology provides instant, accurate decisions that result in higher approval rates — and ultimately more revenue — along with a 100 percent chargeback guarantee in case of fraud.