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5 Ways Social Listening Can Drive Ecommerce Sales


“5 Ways Social Listening Can Drive Ecommerce Sales” is a free, 30-minute webinar. The presenter is Armando Roggio, contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce. The sponsor is SLI Systems, a leading site search and merchandising platform for ecommerce merchants worldwide.

The webinar occurred on Tuesday, March 8, 2016.


Merchants Learn Much from Shoppers

Online retailers have a powerful tool for learning about shoppers, the problems they are experiencing, and what would make them happy and loyal customers. That tool is social listening — the act of monitoring social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat to get a better idea of who your current and prospective customers are and what they need.

In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn about social listening — including social listening tools and the social listening process — and five ways you can use social listening to boost your company’s sales.

5 Ways Social Listening Can Drive Ecommerce Sales

We’ll address the following key points.

  • What is social listening? We’ll define the social listening technique and share information about the tools you can use to monitor social media channels.
  • Understand your customers and prospects. Social listening will help you learn about your customers, who they are, what are the problems they face. With the information you gain, you can attract new customers and retain existing ones. We’ll review.
  • Improves customer service. We’ll explain how social media can be a powerful customer service channel, helping your ecommerce business identify potential problems and provide shoppers with a better overall experience.
  • Improves product selection. Social learning is a powerful way to identify the products your customers and potential customers want. We’ll explain, with examples.
  • Find content marketing ideas. When merchants know what is important to shoppers, it helps provide content that those shoppers want to read or watch, making content marketing more effective. We’ll describe.
  • Identify trends early. Customers are a good source of business intelligence. Listening to what shoppers are talking about can help you to identify trends early and market to them. We’ll review, and cite examples.


Following his presentation, Roggio will answer questions from attendees.

About the Presenter

Armando RoggioArmando Roggio is (a) contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce, (b) an independent ecommerce merchant, and (c) a seasoned web developer. He has written hundreds of articles at Practical Ecommerce, covering virtually all facets of running a successful online store. He holds a B.A. in English Writing and Journalism from The University of Pittsburgh.

About the Sponsor

SLI Systems helps ecommerce merchants increase revenue by connecting shoppers with the products they’re most likely to buy. SLI’s solutions include SaaS-based learning search, navigation, merchandising, mobile, recommendations and user-generated SEO.