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16 New Mobile Productivity Apps in October 2011

The month of October brought virtual assistant apps, cloud storage apps, and several to-do and time-management apps.

Here is a list of October’s new mobile productivity apps for Android and Apple iOS. There are both paid and free apps for your productivity on the go.

October’s New Android Apps

SparkleShare. Setup your own cloud with, a free and open source web app. Browse your files right from your Android device. Price: Free.

Jeannie. Control your phone through speech commands. Meet Jeannie, your personal assistant. Tell your Android to set alarms and reminders, send text messages and emails, and dial your contacts. Price: Free.

Antipaper Notes. This is a handwriting and note-taking application. Take notes from an assortment of colorful pens and highlighters. Email handwritten pages. Price: Free.

TimeBox. TimeBox is a configurable time management application that employs the Pomodoro technique. Cycles are typically 25 minutes with a 5-minute break afterward. After four of such cycles, an extended break is taken (15-20 minutes). Price: Free.

NoteMngr. This is another notes app. Create and manage your notes in a simple and accessible way. Price: Free.

Zukmo. Zukmo is another app to store, access and share digital content in the cloud. Store up to 1 GB for free at the Zukmo website. Premium plan starts at $5/month for up to 5 GB. Price: App is free.

Droid Virtual Assistant. Droid Virtual Assistant is, well, a virtual assistant. Speak a command (“Closest gas station,” “New calendar event”) and your assistant does the rest for you. Functionality includes voice text messaging, caller ID, and web browsing. Price: $0.99.

QR-GPS Plugin. QR-GPS adds the ability to create a QR code from your current location, using your GPS or network providers. Share the location easily. A nice tool for event planning. Price: Free.

Work Tracker Lite. Work Tracker is an Android app that allows you to quickly and efficiently keep track of your daily accomplishments. Speak-to-text allows quick entry of a new accomplishment. Automatic reminders keep you on track. Price: Free.

My Sync Center. My Sync Center will automatically sync your data, photos, downloads, or anything you like to your computer when you connect to your home Wi-Fi. Price: $1.98.

October’s New iOS Apps

Readiris. Get fully editable and searchable text out of your scanned documents and PDFs. Select the content you want to convert, reorder your scanned images, choose among many output formats and export the new files into the cloud. Price: $37.99.

Astrid To-Do. Astrid To-Do is a to-do list that helps individuals collaborate and get stuff done. Voice recognition turns your speech into tasks on the go. Your tasks are only visible to those you allow.

CaptureNotes 2. CaptureNotes 2 enables you to record the audio of a meeting or conversation while taking typed or handwritten notes. Price: $4.99.

GoTime. GoTime is a time-management app that helps you stay on schedule. GoTime syncs with your iPhone calendar and address book and uses your iPhone GPS to determine the travel time to upcoming calendar events. Price: $0.99.

GoCal for Google Calendar with Sync. This is a management app for your Google Calendar. View events in multiple ways, and manage events with ease. Features invitations and reminders. Price: $4.99.

CalPhone. This is an advanced calendar app. Supports multiple calendars to color code and view, or to merge. Incorporates event planning, task management, multiple-notes, checklists, and invitations. Price: $7.99.

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