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18 New Productivity Apps in September 2012

The month of September brought a word processing app, several note taking and backup tools, task management apps, a coding app, and an app for making decisions.

Here is a list of September’s new mobile productivity apps for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Phone. There are both paid and free apps.


TextMaker Mobile. TextMaker Mobile is a word processor for Android that displays all your Microsoft Word documents. Features a spellchecker in 17 languages, a PDF exporter, and a corrections monitor. Price: $9.99.

All Formats Player. This is media player for Android. Browse by files and folders. This player supports OGG, FLV, MP3, MP4 AVI, MKV and more. Price: Free.

All Formats Player.

All Formats Player.

GO Backup Pro. Back up all your contacts, messages and apps — simple, fast, stable, safe. Cloud Backup supported, sync to Dropbox. Price: Free.

SkyDrive. With SkyDrive for Android, you can now easily upload, access, and share files on the go with SkyDrive. Open your SkyDrive files in other Android apps, manage or delete files, or create new folders. Price: Free.

Quora. Quora for Android makes it easy to get the information you need. Ask and answer questions, connect with friends, and follow topics to get updates in your feed. Find an answer right away with fast voice-enabled search. Price: Free.

Apple iOS

BoxCrane for iPad. BoxCrane is a file manager for Dropbox, with a simple and user-friendly interface. Also works as a viewer for various kinds of files. Price: $1.99.

iNote. This app syncs iOS Notes to Evernote. Syncing happens in the background, so you don’t have to keep the app open. Price: $1.99.

Planner Pro. Planner Pro is a scheduling tool that combines events, tasks, and notes. Syncs with iOS calendars and events. Contains 5 different status categories and 25 priorities for tasks and projects. Price: $4.99.

OmniNote Pro. OmniNote is an app for handwriting notes, ideas, and plans. OmniNote provides 4 useful pens, a ruler to draw shapes, a color menu, photo/stamp insert functions and more. Send pages through SNS or email. Price: $1.99.

Scrapnote. Scrapnote is a handwriting notebook app that can gracefully capture websites, photos, documents, or online videos. Price: $2.99.

The Decision App. Visualize your goals and make powerful decisions with The Decision App. Contains some of the best-known decision-making models. Price: $4.99.

Kodiak PHP. Kodiak PHP is for coding PHP on your iPad, without the need for an Internet connection. Features syntax highlighting and an enhanced on-screen keyboard. Price: $9.99.

Windows Phone

Task Manager. Task Manager is an application that will help you remember tasks that you need or want to do in the future. Price: Free.

Backup Contacts. This is an easy-to-use application to backup and send all your contacts to email using the simple CSV format. Then import the contacts to other places. Price: Free.

My Notes. My Notes is a simple and easy-to-use note app. The app allows you to attach a photo and set reminder for a particular note. Price: Free.

Task Scheduler. This is a task app that works as a scheduled list and notifies you on tasks. Set time tags to notify you. Price: Free.

My Templates. My Templates is an app to easily manage and use your SMS and email templates. Create your own templates to manage. Price: Free.

Bulk SMS Plus. Send SMS to multiple contacts at a time. Contact list provides phone number details, name and photos. Price: $0.99.

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