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20 New Productivity Apps in October 2012

The month of October brought new time-management and collaboration apps, dictation and voicemail programs, tools for reading and editing PDFs, and an encryption app.

Here is a list of October’s new mobile productivity apps for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Phone. There are both paid and free apps.


Conjure. Conjure is a launcher for Android. Use it to open apps, make calls, toggle Wi-Fi, and more. Price: $1.99.

Zooper Widget Pro. This is a stylish and customizable clock widget. It features sample templates, custom fonts, and a world clock. Price: $1.99.

Multiscreen Multitasking THD. Multiscreen Multitasking allows you to open up browsers, video players, and text editors in resizable and moveable windows. Send messages and check email with PC-style multitasking, without needing to stop browsing. Price: $1.58.

Cloud SMS. Read and write SMS messages right from your Android tablet. Secure and simple. Price: $0.99.

Cloud SMS.

Cloud SMS.

Barcode Scanner PLUS. This is a basic barcode scanner. Scan any barcode and get the details. Price: $0.99.

Barcode Scanner PLUS.

Barcode Scanner PLUS.

Time Sheriff. Time Sheriff is a countdown timer. Keep track of multiple running times. Get notified by light, vibration, ring tone, speaking text, or popup screen. Price: Free.

Coredination. Coredination is a mobile team-management tool. Keep track of who is doing what, when, where. Coordinate your business from customer order to invoicing. Price: Free.

Calendar Boom. Calendar Boom is an event manager and daily activity manager with notifications alarm. Get locations on a map, send events via SMS or email, or share on social networks. Price: $0.99.

Apple iOS

Actions for iPad. Actions transforms your iPad into a customizable remote controller for apps. Use it to set generic actions for your everyday needs or to streamline your work with a professional application with hundreds of specific actions. Price: $0.99.

Ever2Drop. This is a file manager and viewer for Dropbox and Evernote users. With Ever2Drop, you can easily organize files and notes in your Dropbox and Evernote accounts by a simple drag and drop. Price: $4.99.

Recall. Recall is the best way to never forget a recommendation again. Quickly add apps, books, or media to your list. For yet to be released items, Recall will set a notification. Recall also features a list of new releases and top charts across all media types. Price: $0.99.

Amazing PDF Expert. Amazing PDF Expert Pro lets you read and manage PDF files on your iPhone or iPad. Features fast-loading and speedy page turning, bookmarks for PDF files, and exporting annotated PDFs to email. Price: $6.99.

PDFpen for iPhone. With PDFpen, use your iPhone to sign a contract, make corrections, fill out an application, make comments on a presentation, and much more. This is a PDF editor available for both iOS and Mac, with iCloud storage for seamless editing. Price: $4.99.

Windows Phone

Contact Express. Contact Express helps you easily send contacts from your Windows Phone to devices on different platforms. Send contacts as SMS, QR code, email, or to clipboard. Price: Free.

Kwik List. Kwik List allows you to make tasks and notes, tag them as lists, and share them in a simple easy way on your windows phone. Price: $1.49.

Say Mail! Say Mail! is a tool to compose emails using dictation. Dictate an email, optionally have it read back to you, then hit “Send.” Price: $0.99.

Web Tiles. This is a simple app to place your favorite websites to your start screen. Price: Free.

MicRecorder. Here is a basic voice recorder. Record, then save your data to Skydrive. Price: $1.99.

Gesture Notes. Gesture Notes is a note-taking app that uses shake and swipe gestures to create, edit, and delete notes. Price: Free.

TXTCrypt. TXTcrypt is a general text encryption application for SMS, email, or notes. Price: Free.

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