Chart of the Week: Facebook Fans Page Usage by Merchants

This week’s “Chart of the Week” is a snapshot of the Facebook Fans page usage of five ecommerce merchants previously profiled by Practical eCommerce.

These five merchants, who were randomly selected, are:, CuddleWorks, CurrySimple,, and Each company has created a Facebook Fans page. However, the degree to which each page is utilized and its number of fans varies greatly.

There could be a variety of reasons for the difference in size of each page’s fan base. The length of time since the page was created would be one example. But it bears noting that the two pages with the largest number of fans—CurrySimple and—utilized some of the principles discussed in Monday’s eCommerce Know-How: Four Keys to Twitter, Facebook Success. The less popular pages did not adhere to the four keys. CurrySimple’s Facebook fans page promotes the company brand via pictures, questions for customers, and ongoing dialogue. In contrast, posts on CuddleWorks’ Fans page are, in essence, advertisements, such as “Shop for Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals.”

Kevin Patrick Allen

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