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Chart of the Week: Google’s Android Mobile OS Will Outpace the iPhone, Others

According to analyst forecasts, Android-powered mobile handsets will have an estimated 14.5 percent of the worldwide mobile phone market by 2012, passing the Apple iPhone and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry.

In the third quarter of 2009, phones using the Android operating system (OS) represented 3.9 percent of the market compared to iPhone’s 17.1 percent share and the BlackBerry OS’ 20.8 percent share, but with the introduction of Google’s Nexus phone and other Android phones on the way, the Android OS is likely to become the second most popular in the world, according to forecasts from Gartner, a leading industry analysis firm in the world.

Largely because of its dominance in emerging markets, the Symbian operating system was installed in about 44.6 percent of mobile handsets in Q3 2009. Symbian’s share of market will fall to 39 percent of the total available market by 2012 if Gartner’s forecasts prove accurate. In Q3 2009, the BlackBerry OS controlled 20.8 percent of the market, iPhone 17.1 percent, Windows Mobile 7.9 percent, Android 3.9 percent, and Palm OS 1.1 percent.

Gartner predicts that at the end of 2012 Symbian will still control the greatest percentage of the market. Android will control 14.5 percent, iPhone 13.7 percent, Windows Mobile 12.8 percent, BlackBerry OS 12.5 percent, and Palm OS 2.1 percent.

Android’s 14.5 percent share of the market will be a huge leap for an operating system that in the third quarter of 2009 made up only 3.9 percent of the market. However with the increase in Android users other operating systems will be feeling the loss. BlackBerry OS is estimated to lose 8.4 percent of the market, Symbian 5.6 percent, and iPhone 3.4 percent.

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