Chart of the Week: Marketing Budgets Are Changing

A recent media spending survey showed that 2009’s marketing budgets would continue to shrink, with print advertising and direct mail taking big hits.

Some 46.4 percent of respondents to Round2‘s “2009 Media Survey Results & Analysis” said they had decreased or would decrease print advertising budgets this year, according to eMarketer, which published an article about the survey. The findings are a huge blow to print advertising, which was once the single most powerful marketing vehicle. Additionally, some 30.8 percent of marketers said they would slash direct mail spending.

By contrast, email marketing returned the most positive results. Half of the survey’s 5,300 respondents said that email marketing budgets would stay the same, and another 40 percent of respondents said that email marketing budgets would increase in 2009.

Unfortunately, the survey did not break out spending for online video advertising, instead lumping the fast-growing channel in with interactive marketing. Had the survey asked specifically about online video advertising spending, the results could have been different, as many sources are predicting a greater than 60 percent growth in online video investments.

PEC Staff

PEC Staff

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