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Chart of the Week: Most Social Media Marketing Is Integrated with Broader Marketing Campaigns

Many businesses are marketing on social media channels as its popularity grows.

According to an article by eMarketer, based on research done by the marketing management firm Unica, businesses are using several different tactics for social media marketing. Most businesses who use social media marketing are integrating it with other, overall marketing campaigns. The degree to which this integration occurs varies with the type of social media channel, according to the study.

The study took an expansive definition of social media to include “Third-party Social Networking Sites” “Blogs,” “Viral Content,” “Microblogging,” “Co-hosted Online Communities,” “RSS Feeds,” “User Generated Content,” “Voting Features/Product Reviews,” and “Syndicated Content.”

Of those companies that use “Voting features or product reviews” for marketing purposes, 70 percent of them integrate that with an overall marketing strategy. Thirty-nine percent of companies that market on blogs integrate that marketing with other efforts, while 38 percent say they market on blogs in a discrete fashion.

Forty-one percent of respondents that market on third-party social networking sites do so as part of a overall campaign, while 35 percent market on those sites in a standalone, discrete manner.

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  1. Joshua Greenough March 22, 2010 Reply

    I think that it is interesting that "viral" and "syndicated content " as distinct choices. In many situations you would hope that there would be a viral element to many of the sections, like blog or user generated content. You can always distribute content if you have appropriate channels.

    I do see blogs coming in two flavors, passionate people inside a company who do it because they love it and then an integrated strategy that is coordinated with other elements. This will probably only happen when you have somebody who is specifically tasked organizationally.