Chart of the Week: Popular Product-Search Phrases

Monitoring how often a particular word or phrase is searched may help marketers track consumer trends and predict which keywords will be popular in the coming year.

Google provides a tool specifically to monitor keyword-search trends. Google Insights for Search lists the top Google search terms for any and all queries.

Google Insights for Search does not provide absolute data, rather it gives a relative score by which to compare two or more keywords. The highest search volume for the most popular search term is given a score of 100 and all other search terms and volumes are given scores relative to that point of highest search volume. You can filter the scores by type of search (Web, Image, News, Products), geographic region, time frame and category.

For this “Chart of the Week,” we compare the top 10 product search terms for the last 12 months in Google in the “Shopping” category. Listed in order of their relative scores, those terms are: shoes, boots, nike, dress, watch, watches, jeans, dresses, ebay, and jewelry.

PEC Staff

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