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Chart of the Week: SEM/SEO Most Important Marketing Tactic

A recent study from SLI Systems asked 319 respondents about the importance of various technologies and tactics in terms of their effect on ecommerce strategy.

While the sample for the study was not necessarily large, it tended to support many preconceived ideas about which web technologies and techniques are the most effective for online retailers. Search engine marketing and optimization, which embodies both SEO and pay-per-click efforts, were clearly the most important marketing tools in the survey respondents’ opinion, garnering a vote of “Very Important” from 70 percent of those asked.

Email marketing was also an important tactic, a finding which parallels results from a recent Practical eCommerce study.

Armando Roggio

Armando Roggio

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  1. adriand January 6, 2009 Reply

    Interesting survey but realistically it only shows that SEO/SEM is the easiest ecommerce marketing technique that can be implemented.

    All the other techniques require siginificant time and money to set up but are no less important. Simply using SEO on your pages wont push you ahead of the competition by itself.

    At least as much time has to be spent on pleasing the visitor as on pleasing the search engines.