Chart of the Week: Shoppers Are Buying Green

More shoppers are actively trying to buy “green” or sustainable products, according to a study from a leading research firm, and the focus of this week’s Chart of the Week.

Energy efficient products and locally made items topped the list of products that consumers were the most likely to seek out, according to a report from Nielsen, based on the firm’s 2009 Nielsen Global Online Survey.

“The Nielsen Global Online Survey findings suggest that shoppers are trying to make a contribution to the sustainability movement in a number of ways,” wrote Jonathan Banks, business insight director, for the Nielsen Company in Europe. “More than half of consumers purchase energy-efficient products and appliances as well as locally-made items.”

Consumers were also interested in reducing packaging waste by using, for example, reusable glass containers, which are more sustainable than recyclable plastics that still consume petroleum and are toxic to recycle.

Perhaps, the “greenest” note in the study was that some 42 percent of respondents were trying to buy from local farmers, which is known to have a positive effect on regional food production.

PEC Staff

PEC Staff

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