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Chart of the Week: Smartphone Usage Grows, Especially Android

comScore, the Internet tracking firm, recently released statistics related to mobile phone usage in the U.S. The report, a part of comScore’s MobiLens series, tracked the leading phone manufacturers, the leading activities of mobile users, and the leading mobile software platforms. The report tracked two separate three-month periods ended in, respectively, October 2009 and January 2010.

According to the report, 234 million Americans subscribed to mobile phone plans in January 2010. Of these, 42.7 million owned Internet-accessible smartphones, which represented an 18 percent increase over the three months ended in October. There are roughly 309 million residents in the U.S., according to Wikipedia.

The comScore report listed Motorola as the leading mobile phone manufacturer in January 2010, based on the number of mobile subscribers that use it, followed by LG, Samsung, Nokia, and Research in Motion ( RIM, makers of the Blackberry line of phones).

The comScore report also listed what mobile users actually did with their devices. According to the report, texting was the leading activity for the three months ended January 2010, with 63.5 percent of mobile subscribers performing that activity. 28.6 percent said they used the web browsers on their devices. 21.7 percent played games. 19.8 percent downloaded apps. 17.1 percent accessed a social networking site or a blog, and 12.8 percent listened to music.

Smartphones Up by 18 Percent; Android Usage Doubles

Lastly, the report also ranked the leading mobile software platforms, based on the number of mobile subscribers that use those platforms. Overall, users of Internet-ready smartphones increased by a whopping 18 percent from October 2009 to January 2010. The leading platform, as of January 2010, was RIM’s Blackberry, with 43 percent of all smartphone subscribers. Apple’s iPhone captured 25.1 percent. Microsoft’s mobile platform had 15.7 percent. Google’s Android platform was used by 7.1 percent of all smartphone subscribers, up dramatically from 2.8 percent in October 2009. Palm’s platform was used by 5.7 percent.

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