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Chart of the Week: Social Media Access via Mobile Devices is Rising

The number of people accessing social networks via mobile devices has generally increased in the past year.

According to comScore, 11.8 million people used a mobile phone to access their Facebook accounts in January 2009. The number of people using mobile phones to access Facebook in January 2010 grew to more than 25.1 million users, a 112 percent increase.

The number of people accessing MySpace via mobile phone has dropped over the last year, however. 12.3 million people accessed MySpace via mobile browser in January 2009. By January 2010, MySpace had lost 7 percent of its mobile audience. Facebook was exceeding MySpace’s mobile phone audience by February 2009.

Twitter’s mobile audience increased the most, skyrocketing 347 percent in the past year. In January 2009, 1 million people were tweeting from their mobile phones, and by January 2010, that number had increased to 4.7 million.

The numbers listed above do not include the nearly 6 million mobile phone users accessing social networks exclusively through applications, versus mobile browsers.

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