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Chart of the Week: Top 10 ‘Followed’ Twitter Pages

As illustrated in our “Chart of the Week: Top 10 ‘Liked’ Facebook Pages,” Facebook’s most popular pages belong to celebrities, products and games. But Twitter caters to the individual personality with its most followed pages belonging solely to individuals, mostly celebrities, rather than brands, products or games.

When compared to Facebook, brands, products or businesses that have large amounts of Twitter “Followers” pale even further in comparison to the consumer-oriented celebrity pages on Twitter and fall far down the list of top followed pages, even more so than the top “Liked” business-oriented Facebook pages.

Below is a graph of the overall top 10 most followed pages on Twitter as of Feb 9, 2011 and then the top ten Followed product or business pages, according to TwitterCounter, a daily independent Twitter page metrics analyzer tracking the top 100 Followed Twitter pages.

The most Followed page on Twitter is Lady Gaga with 8.1 million followers. The singer’s page is followed by Justin Bieber’s page in the number 2 position with 7.1 million followers. Britney Spears, Barack Obama and Ashton Kutcher’s pages bring in the third, forth and fifth positions with 6.8 million, 6.6 million, and 6.3 million followers, respectively.

Conversely, the first business brand to appear in Twitter’s top pages is The New York Times, which is ranked at 33 with 2.9 million followers. Behind The New York Times, the gap between businesses and other consumer-oriented Twitter pages begins to take shape: The New York Times is over 5 million followers away from the overall top ranked page belonging to singer, Lady Gaga.

The gap is illustrated further when analyzing the overall top 100 followed pages; only 12 are products or brands that have an ecommerce presence. The vast majority are celebrities in entertainment, business, sports or music.

If all other pages are removed from the data and just product or business pages are ranked, The New York Times is the top businesss page, followed by Google (with a true ranking of 36) with 2.8 million followers. E! Online, The Onion and Uber Twitter round out the top five with 2.6 million, 2.58 million and 2.51 million followers, respectively.

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