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Chart of the Week: Twitter Usage by Ecommerce Vendors

The social networking service Twitter has been both maligned as a fad and heralded as a valuable branding tool. But actions, as we know, speak louder than words.

This week’s “Chart of the Week” focuses on three firms that offer services to ecommerce companies and who also have Twitter accounts: comScore, Magento, and Volusion. Comscore is the most prominent name in the field of tracking and reporting on Internet activity. Magento is Varien’s open source ecommerce platform. And Volusion provides a popular hosted shopping cart.

The chart indicates the number of “followers” each account has, how many Twitter-users the company is following, and how many “tweets,” or messages, each company has posted since the account was originally opened.

Each company uses Twitter in varying degrees and with different focuses.

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