Chart of the Week: U.K. Online Shoppers Likely to Buy at Work vs. Home

Results from a new study showed that shoppers in the U.K. made some 36 percent of their online retail purchases from work.

The study from comScore, a leading Internet analysis firm, made at least two important observations about online shoppers in the U.K. First, nearly 8 in 10 U.K. Internet users visited online retail sites, and, second, that a surprising percentage of online retail purchases were made from work locations.

“In the U.K., 29.1 million people age 15 and over visited an online retail site from a home or work location in May 2009, representing 79 percent of the total U.K. online population,” comScore said in an official release. “Approximately three quarters of the total visits, time spent, and pages viewed in the online retail category were made from home locations, with the remaining quarter occurring at work computers.

“Interestingly, visitors from work computers were slightly more likely to purchase goods online than those accessing retail sites from home computers. While representing only 25 percent of total visits to the online retail category, workplace visitors accounted for 36 percent of online retail transactions and 35 percent of money spent at online retail sites, based on a five-month average ending May 2009.”

Different Browsing Patterns at Work

“Although online shoppers visit retail sites about three times more frequently at home than they do at work, they only spend twice as much at home,” said Mike Read, senior vice president and managing director of comScore Europe. “That online shoppers are relatively more likely to make a purchase at work is not entirely surprising. In fact, we often see that people have very different browsing patterns between the two locations, having a tendency to be task-oriented and transaction-minded at work and more leisurely when browsing at home. By understanding such differences, online retailers can better optimize their online marketing and advertising strategies to reach consumers when they are closer to the point of purchase.”

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