Chart of the Week: U.S. Search Engine Rankings for June 2009

Google sites managed more than 9 billion queries from American web searchers in June 2009, accounting for some 65 percent of all U.S.-initiated search traffic, according to a new report from a leading Internet tracking firm.

American’s conducted some 14 billion Internet searches in June all told, according to comScore, a Reston, Va. firm that measures web and digital trends. Google was by far the most popular of the search engines, but only Microsoft sites, presumably on the strength of Bing’s launch, and AOL enjoyed increased traffic for the month compared to May 2009.

While Google’s share of the market was unchanged in June when compared to May 2009, total queries for the king of Internet search were down by approximately 250 million searches for that same comparison period. Yahoo! sites, which had 19.6 percent of U.S. queries in June 2009, saw its queries decline by 120 million searches compared to May.

Of the top five search engines in the U.S., only Microsoft’s sites had more queries in June than it had in May 2009. But that increase only amounted to about 30 million searches, as relatively small sum in the search engine market.


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