Ecommerce News Around the Web for April 16, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Twitter Unveils Advertising-based Revenue Model – BtoB Media Business

The buzz this week is all about Twitter’s announcement of a new revenue model. At its developer conference held earlier this week, Twitter introduced its first real revenue model, one based on advertising using a platform called Promoted Tweets. Advertiser pay to have their messages appear as tweets to users.

PayPal Takes Lead in Processing Micro-payments – The Washington Post

Cheap processing of micro-payments is an answer to many an online seller’s prayers. PayPal is giving this form of payment a boost by opening the door to widespread use of credit and debit cards for payments as small as 50 cents.

Government Data Support Strong March for Retailers – E-commerce News

The U.S. Commerce Department reports that retail sales rose 1.6 percent in March 2010. So far, retailers appear to be enjoying a solid spring, the report suggests.

SyncFu Makes Groupon-like Campaigns Possible for Online Stores – exciting commerce

SyncFu is a new service for creating Groupon-like group sales campaigns. (Groupon provides daily coupon deals by location based on collective buying power.) Merchants can use a widget to integrate SyncFu into their websites.

Dealing with Duplicate Content on Ecommerce Sites – Retail eCommerce

Duplicate content on websites is a common problem faced by webmasters and SEOs (search engine optimizers). Ecommerce sites can fall prey to this search return-injuring malady as well. This article details what can happen to search engine returns as a result.

U.S. Mobile Ecommerce Revenue Set to Rise by 2015 – cellular-news

Coda Research Consultancy forecasts that mobile ecommerce revenues in the U.S. will reach nearly $24 billion in 2015. Smartphone ownership (and the corresponding mobile Internet use) is cited as the key contributor to the growth.

Eight Factors to Consider When Building a Mobile App – GetElastic

The web is growing increasingly mobile and that has a great bearing on ecommerce. This post looks into eight things you should consider when developing a mobile application for your store.

Online Advertisers Paying Top Dollar Thanks to the Economy –

With the economy improving, things have shifted in the online advertising market. Advertisers are left with no choice but to pay top dollar. This article looks into the face of online ads in this brave new world.

Creating a Customer Service Culture – Forrester

Consumers may sympathize with the challenges faced by businesses in the current economy, but they still expect superior customer service, says Forrester. 70 percent of U.S. online consumers expect companies to try even harder, according to this article.

Consumers Rely on Referrals from Social Networks – eMarketer

Word of mouth referrals play a huge role in buyer behavior. Nowhere is that behavior better seen than on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Friends are listening, and marketers had better be listening as well, says one study.

Ex-Google Employees Launch Service to Help Ecommerce Merchants Increase Revenue – TechCrunch

Two former Google employees launched a new service earlier this week that helps ecommerce companies increase revenue by deep-diving data and analyzing buyer behavior. Called TellApart, the new service was founded by ex-Googlers Josh McFarland and Mark Ayzenshtat.

Friends Let Their Friends Become Customers on Social Networking Sites – The Wall Street Journal

Using data gleaned from social networking sites, companies are able to target ads to their customers’ like-minded acquaintances. This idea is raising the ire of privacy-rights activists, however.

Market Your Ecommerce Business with YouTube – Sell It! on the Web

According to an October 2009 survey conducted by Citibank, most small businesses don’t use social media. But, according to this article, these businesses are missing out on what might be one of the best ways to grow their companies. One form of social media that can benefit small business is the use of video content via sites like YouTube.

Small Business Marketing Using Video – Green Apple Sales blog

YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the Internet. And, it’s owned by the number one search engine, Google. You could be capitalizing on the use of video to connect with your target market.

Be Your Own Customer and Test Your Store – LexiConn

It’s easy to put on blinders when creating an ecommerce site. This article suggests you look at your ecommerce store through the eyes of a customer and test it for errors before going live.

Five Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Stores – ZippyCart

Marketing an ecommerce site is a combination of trial-and-error and test-and-refine. Here are some tips designed to help you improve your marketing efforts.

Tips for Writing a Compelling ‘About’ Page –

If content is still king, why is it so many ecommerce sites lack a compelling “About” page? Many consumers look first to this page to inspire confidence prior to making a purchase. This article lists some helpful tips for enhancing your “About” page.

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