Ecommerce News Around the Web for April 2, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Coalition Proposes News Laws to Protect Privacy – E-commerce Times

Current privacy laws were not written with electronic data storage in mind. A newly formed coalition dubbed “Digital Due Process” is calling on the federal government to update laws and strengthen protection on access to email and private files stored by third-party service providers.

Former eBay Exec to Speak On Google’s Entrance into Ecommerce – AuctionBytes

Former eBay executive Stephanie Tilenius is Google’s new vice president of ecommerce, and she is on tap to speak at the upcoming Internet Retailer Conference (IRCE) on why Google is entering ecommerce and its long-term online retail strategy. Considering Tilenius’ degree of expertise, Google is sending a clear signal as to its seriousness of intent.

Use Research to Guide Your Ecommerce Site Redesign – MarketingSherpa

Research put into your ecommerce website redesign will go a long way toward improving the site’s performance. Read about five key areas focused on by American Greetings Interactive when it considered its redesign.

How to Improve the Checkout Process – DoublePlus

There are a number of best practices that can be used to improve your ecommerce site’s checkout process. See how one online retailer was helped by following such guidelines.

More Ecommerce Platforms Support Mobile Ecommerce – Forrester

Mobile ecommerce (m-commerce) is the next logical step for merchants, and the number of platforms providing support for it continues to grow. Forrester Research talks about key things to look for when evaluating an ecommerce solution with mobile in mind.

How the iPad Will Change Ecommerce – BigCommerce

The iPad is predicted to change ecommerce and revolutionize mobile buying. Merchants stand to get more sales as consumers adopt an “online anywhere” mentality.

Creating Compelling Conversational Copy Can Convert Consumers – Blue Acorn

Dry, corporate-sounding copy will never serve to engage and convert a consumer. On the other hand, conversational-style copy (such as we have in real life and online via social networks) can help.

Be Good to Customers and Even Better to Repeat Customers – Ecommerce Blog

This post says all customers should not be treated equally. Repeat customers should be treated even better. Making it easy for returning customers to order from you is one way to do so.

Humanize Your Online Store to Gain Customer Trust – Retail-eCommerce

Gaining the trust and confidence of consumers is paramount these days. One of the ways to accomplish that is by “humanizing” your store. It can help prospective online shoppers to believe that you are a real business, not merely an automated machine.

Leverage the Power of Alternate Payments – recently hosted a webinar to discuss ways to leverage the power of alternative payment solutions. Speakers from Javelin Strategy & Research, and eBags were able to dive into the different payment options they currently have available.

Gmail Considered Behind the Times – PlumberSurplus eCommerce and Entrepreneurship Blog

Google’s web-based email client, Gmail, is very popular. However, its inability to maintain HTML email standards puts it woefully behind the times.

Using Contests for Ecommerce Marketing –

An online contest can be a great tool to increase user engagement, but planning is required. It is important to determine marketing objectives before the contest is launched.

Online Chat a Helpful Retail Tool – Independent Retailer

Eighty-two percent of respondents to a recent survey conducted by ecommerce technology provider Bold Software indicated that a “live chat session had a positive effect their opinion of that merchant.” In addition, 68 percent said they were more likely to purchase from that retailer again in the future. Bottom line: Using online chat can help boost your bottom line.

Facebook Ditches “Become a Fan” in Favor of “Like” – All Things Digital

Facebook just announced it is removing the “Become a Fan” button on Facebook Fan Pages and replacing it with the increasingly popular “Like” option. The social network based its decision on research, which showed people clicked on “Like” twice as often as they clicked on “Become a Fan.”

The 10 Plagues of Social Media – MediaPost Blogs

Just in time for Passover, MediaPost blogger David Berkowitz draws an analogy from the Biblical account of the slaves’ exodus from Egypt to make a point (10 points, actually) about social media.

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