Ecommerce News Around the Web for August 13, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Web Privacy Not All That Private – StorefrontBacktalk

A report released this week by research teams at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon says the major web browsers are not nearly as private as they claim to be. The report says Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari can leak information to some degree. The post says there is no reason to panic, but that merchants should be careful about how much they promise site visitors about privacy.

Apple Announces One-Day Passes for Compatibility Lab – Macworld

Apple’s Developer Compatibility Labs are now available on a single-day basis for members of the Mac Developer Program. The labs, located in Tokyo, Japan and Cupertino, Calif., offer huge collections of Mac computers for developers to test Mac OS X software and hardware. A one-day pass is $99, but Apple provides no support to coders who book time in the labs.

Google Updates Gmail Contacts – Gmail Blog

Google updated its Gmail services this week by making it easier to use the Contacts area. New and improved features include keyboard shortcuts, custom labeling for phone numbers and other fields, and the ability to sort email lists by last name, among others. Google calls the changes “slight,” but it admits that updating Gmail’s Contact area was its top customer request.

Customer Experience Revisited – Groove Commerce

When Internet commerce was booming a few years back, many online merchants allowed their customer service to slide a bit. But, after the recession hit and times got tough, ecommerce merchants returned to business basics, and good customer service was reborn. This blog suggests some simple ways to keep online customers happy.

New Color Palettes to Freshen Your Website – 1stwebdesigner

Contemplating a redesign for your website? Perhaps a new color scheme is in order. This blog provides 100 samples of complementary color palettes and swatches to consider. Check it out and see if you can find a “just right” combination of colors to enhance your site.

Email Newsletter Webinar Follow-up – VerticalResponse

This blog follows-up on a webinar, hosted by email marketer VerticalResponse, about how to create a successful email newsletter. According to the post, VerticalResponse received so many inquiries after the webinar, its marketing team wrote this post to cover the most common questions about email newsletters.

What Is PageRank and Why Does It Matter? – ZippyCart

This blog, written by a co-founder of ZippyCart, offers a good explanation of Google PageRank, its history, and why some websites will automatically get better page rank than others. The author goes on to explain why Google PageRank matters, and she provides some expert advice on what merchants can do to gain a point or two.

Three Parting Tips from Shop.Org Exec –

Scott Silverman leaves his position as’s executive director today, and he offered a few parting words of advice in an open letter to the online industry. This post contains an excerpt from Silverman’s letter, and it also links to the entire letter and another post about Silverman’s decision to leave

>How Facebook Thrived on eBay’s ‘Trash’ – ColderICE

Business expert John Lawson looks back over eBay’s fifteen years on the web. He says eBay threw away community interaction, leaving the door open for Facebook to jump in. Despite claims by eBay that it values its community, the auction giant eventually locked down open chat forums and boards, effectively ending community interaction between members, writes Lawson. “All of these things that eBay threw away basically became Facebook.”

Link Up at SEO Conferences – SEOmozBlog

It’s easy to build links at an SEO conference if you are the sponsor. But, how can conference attendees get more links? This post suggests five easy ways to meet more people, get more attention for your company, and get more valuable links from SEO conferencing to post on your website.

Spam Numbers Still Rising – InformationWeek

A report by Internet security company Symantek finds that unwanted spam makes up 92 percent of all email messages sent. That figure is higher than last year, when the spam estimate was 89 percent of all email. And, while phishing attacks lessened somewhat during June and July 2010, some insidious new phishing schemes have emerged.

Digby Platform Upgrade Allows Barcode Scanning – Internet Retailer

Mobile technology developer Digby has just released an upgrade to its platform that lets smartphone users scan barcodes in a store to receive more information about the products. The platform is compatible with leading smartphone operating systems, including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

Twitter Launches Its Own Retweet Button – TechCrunch

The social commerce platform Twitter announced yesterday that it is introducing its own retweet function called the Tweet button. Until now, the Retweet button created by TweetMeme has been a popular way to allow site visitors to share stories and links with one click. But, TweetMeme will not go away entirely. It has formed a business agreement with Twitter to license some of the Retweet technology.

Social Media Creates New Role: Community Manager – MarketingSherpa

With social media now such a vital marketing tool, it has created a new position for online businesses, that of community manager. This blog says candidates for community manager jobs should have a strong command of brand voice and style, excellent writing skills, a good knowledge of the company and its products, and the ability to work within all areas and branches of a business.

Twelve Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners – Mashable

Adobe Photoshop is a standard graphics software used by most designers and digital artists, but it can be hard for beginners to understand. Twelve of the best beginner Photoshop tutorials are gathered here to answer that need. Topics include the Photoshop toolbox, working with filters and layers, selection tools, and much more.

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