Ecommerce News Around the Web for August 20, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Mexican Market Offers ‘Boundless Opportunities’ for Online Ads – eMarketer Blog

Online advertising in Mexico lags far behind the U.S., U.K., and Canada, says market researcher eMarketer. Data from IAB Mexico says that approximately 90 percent of Mexican consumers used the Internet to shop in 2009, but only $173.7 million was spent on Mexican online advertising that year. When compared to the $5.6 billion spent on U.S. Internet ads in 2009, the gap offers a great opportunity for Internet marketers to leverage the Mexican market.

Bad Writing Equals Bad Impression – Constant Contact

This blog says it’s not enough to establish your brand with a good logo, pleasing palette colors and a strong company voice; it is equally important to demonstrate your brand quality with good writing. Typos and grammatical mistakes can add up to a poor impression and turn off potential customers.

Facebook Developing ‘Facebook Credits’ – Blue Acorn

Social media giant Facebook has announced that it is developing its own brand of currency, dubbed “Facebook Credits.” The Facebook credit system is slated to be released in September. It will allow Facebook users to purchase credits to spend with other participating users and companies.

What’s the Most Important Thing About Open Source CRM? – E-commerce Times

The main focus for CRM vendors should be building helpful functions into customer relations management software. So, why are CRM vendors so focused on providing open source code? This post says users just want software that helps them do business, and that CRM vendors should not put so much emphasis on giving users access to the code.

Speaking the Language of Global Commerce – CRM Buyer

The reach of ecommerce is rapidly expanding across the globe, inciting a clash of cultures that can cause visitors to be confused, frustrated, or even offended. Internet merchants are discovering new and innovative ways to bridge gaps in language and culture to reach out to a burgeoning global audience.

Employees Should See the Whole Financial Picture – Entrepreneur Daily Dose

This blog post says business owners should be upfront and open with employees when it comes to the financial situation of their companies. Rosalind Resnick, CEO of Axxess Business Centers, writes about how she was able to turn her company around in a very short time by employing this strategy.

Why Is Intel Buying McAfee? – ZDNet

Leading technology company Intel has announced it is set to acquire the PC security firm McAfee for $7.7 billion, but why? This post examines the surprising merger of these seemingly unrelated businesses.

Forrester Predicts Uptick in IT Spending – Forrester

Independent technology and market research company Forrester estimates that Internet technology spending by businesses and governments will reach $1.5 trillion this year, an increase of nearly 8 percent from 2009. Forrester also predicts that IT organizations will be more focused on providing services and software that help promote sustainability.

Blogging for Business Rising Rapidly – Furlong PR

As many as one in three businesses use blogs and social media as a marketing tool, and that figure is on the rise, according to this post. The writer cites a prediction by Emarketer that blogging by businesses will grow by as much as 43 percent in 2012.

Buggy Windows Apps Pose Security Risk – InfoWorld

A bug found in 40 different Windows applications is posing a security risk to PCs. Although Apple patched its iTunes software months ago, the bug is still present in more than three dozen other apps. Apple has said it intends to patch each of the affected programs separately.

How Video Helps SEO – Invodo

Can posting videos about your products really help your search engine ranking? This blog says yes, and shows you exactly why video matters in SEO.

Using Registration as a Tool for Your Store – LexiConn

Customers hate filling out registration forms. But, this blog says you can use the customer registration form as a tool for ecommerce. The post is based on the model of a ShopSite ecommerce platform, but the ideas will work the same for most online stores.

Drop-Shipping Can Expand the Reach of Ecommerce – MarketingSherpa

This interview tells how one online retailer streamlined his business and improved his marketing by establishing a drop-shipping system. Peter Cobb, co-founder and senior vice president of, says drop-shipping has helped his company to offer more products while reducing inventory, and even to perform better in the marketplace.

Best Buy Introduces Location-Based App – Mobile Commerce Daily

Electronics retailer Best Buy is testing a new location-based iPhone app that communicates offers to people shopping in its physical stores. Consumers who download the application will be able to access discount coupons and product information in 257 Best Buy stores across the U.S.

Preventing ‘Friendly Fraud’ in Ecommerce – E-commerce Times

Cybercriminals are getting more devious than ever. One of their latest schemes is to make a legitimate credit card purchase, then dispute the transaction by claiming the purchase never arrived or that the product was not as advertised. Here are some things merchants can do to prevent and detect friendly fraud.

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