Ecommerce News Around the Web for December 10, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Success of Group Couponing Depends on Word of Mouth – Bazaar blog

Some ecommerce merchants doubt the effectiveness of group couponing, with many reporting mixed results. This blog says the success of group coupon marketing may depend on word of mouth and keeping the lines of communication wide open.

Build Mobile Apps with Online Tool – cellular-news

An exciting new tool called Majoobi App Builder allows developers and website owners to create mobile and tablet apps online. It is a web-based tool based on HTML5, and it offers a simpler way to create apps for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Google Launches Chrome OS – Coast Digital

Google announced the launch of Chrome Operating System this week at a press event held in San Francisco. Google Chrome OS differs from Chrome web browser in that the new OS is designed specifically for the netbook and laptop markets.

Email Summit: 12 Takeaways – Constant Contact

Industry insiders gathered this week for a three-day email conference sponsored by MediaPost. Dozens of new ideas and marketing trends were shared during the summit, and here are twelve of the best tips gleaned from the first day.

Build Loyalty with Instant Rewards – BizReport

Online shoppers love loyalty rewards, and they greatly prefer rewards that can be used on the day of purchase. This blog says you can satisfy that urge for instant gratification by offering cashback or discounts at the point of purchase.

More About Loyalty Rewards – Direct Marketing News

Several hotel chains and major airlines have begun marketing loyalty rewards in some unusual ways. One trend even has the rewards provider urging customers to redeem loyalty rewards with its direct competitors.

How to Write Content Worth Reading – copyblogger

It is a well-documented fact that most web users are not careful readers. Many times, they will scan written content in an attempt to pick up the main points, but may inadvertently miss the message anyway. Here are a few tips to get readers to pay better attention to what you write.

Techs Must Learn to Communicate Better – E-commerce Times

Web technicians and Internet gurus are fond of throwing around terms like CRM, PRM, ERP, SEO and SCM thinking everyone knows what they mean. But the jumble of letters in such acronyms can be confusing for the technically challenged. This blogger says it’s time for developers and techs to learn how to communicate like regular business people.

Consider the ‘Profit First’ Accounting Method – The Wall Street Journal Small Business Blog

Is it possible that generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP) do not provide the best accounting method for every business? Here, a blogger proposes a new standard for financial accounting that he dubs “Profit First.”

Create a Smooth Digital Shopping Experience – GetElastic

Selling digital goods, such as downloadable music or games, is in many ways much simpler than selling physical goods. But, the genre does have its own unique complexities. Here are five tips to streamline digital checkout process.

What Makes a Sales Lead ‘Hot?’ – HubSpot

Are your marketing group and sales group in sync? Learn how your marketing team can prime hot leads to help the sales team be more productive.

Video Usage Pumps Up Cyber Monday – Invodo

The video experts at Invodo gathered some surprising statistics during the recent Cyber Monday shopping frenzy. Invodo found that shoppers looking for information on and around Cyber Monday were more inclined than ever to watch product videos.

The Most Popular Google Searches in 2010 – Mashable

Search engine giant Google recently released its annual report of the most searched for-terms on the Internet. Top searches in 2010 include the predictable topics of celebrities and recent events, but social media and consumer electronics also found top spots.

A Web Designer’s Wish List – 1stwebdesigner

If you are wondering what to get your favorite web designer for Christmas (or just for yourself), here is a list of some shiny new apps, scanners, flash drives, printers, pens, tablets and other useful gifts for web designers.

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