Ecommerce News Around the Web for December 17, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

PlugIn Blocks Spam Comments on WordPress Blogs – LexiConn

Spammers that post irrelevant comments to WordPress blogs just to get backlinks will have a tough time getting past Akismet Anti-spam Plugin for WordPress. The handy tool, combined with another WordPress plugin called Cookies for Comments, can prevent most or all unwanted comments from being posted.

2 New Bing Features for Businesses – DirectNews

The search engine Bing has launched two new features that offer more Internet visibility for businesses. By partnering with EveryScape, the online mapping service, Bing now allows businesses to display 3D images of their physical locations. Another new feature integrates Facebook data to display links to relevant “liked” pages in Bing search results.

3 Key Social Marketing Trends for the New Year – Bazaar blog

How will your business apply social marketing in the coming year? This blog says three significant social trends should be on the minds of all online marketers in 2011.

Another View on Trends for 2011 – Social Commerce Today

Digital marketer and researcher Paul Marsden offers his view of upcoming technical and social commerce trends for next year. Here is a list of megatrends to watch in 2011, from daily deal sites to location-based ads, and many more.

Affiliate Marketing: How to Protect Your Brand – Shopster

This blog about affiliate marketing says merchants that work with affiliates need to keep tight control of image and branding. Here are some ideas to prevent careless affiliates from tarnishing your business’ reputation.

20 Popular Organic SEO Columns – Search Engine Land

The search engine optimization news and information hub Search Engine Land recently published a list of its most popular 2010 columns about organic SEO. It is a must-read for marketers looking to improve organic search results.

The Golden Rules of Ecommerce – Econsultancy

The allure of ecommerce can be intriguing for brick-and-mortar merchants, but many of them have no clue how to set up a proper web store. Before launching an ecommerce website, read these nine simple but essential “golden rules for ecommerce.”

Writing Video Scripts That Sell – Invodo

One of the best ways to acquaint shoppers with products for sale is through online video. Writing a video script that converts shoppers into buyers is an essential step in the process. Here are three simple guidelines to write video scripts that engage, inform and sell.

Survey: Dominant Online News Sources – Forrester

A recent survey conducted by Internet researcher Forrester polled its blog readers to find out which marketing information news sources they read most often. While the findings are not that surprising, the column does provide useful links to respondents’ most preferred and most relied-upon new media resources.

Don’t Move without a 301 Redirect – HubSpot

Whenever a web page is moved to a new URL a decision must be made to set up either a temporary or permanent redirect. Redirecting allows web pages to be found by search engines and potential customers. This blog explains how to set up a 301 redirect, and why web pages should never make a permanent move without it.

AOL Acquires Ad Tech Firm, Pictela – ClickZ

In a bid to attract premium ad dollars, Internet services and media company AOL recently acquired the advertising technology firm Pictela. According to an AOL spokesperson, the merger will focus efforts on high def video ad units and super-sized units known as Project Devil ads.

Write on iPad with 8 Useful Apps – copyblogger

Is it possible to write brilliant web content on an iPad? Of course, and you can make the process more efficient with an arsenal of useful iPad writing apps.

Mobile: LinkedIn Launches Android App – Mashable

The wait for a LinkedIn app on the Android platform is over (well almost). A beta version of LinkedIn for Android was released yesterday that is compatible with devices running Android OS 2.1 or higher. According to the LinkedIn team, the new app is a bit “rough around the edges,” but still provides “the fastest search experience on any mobile platform.”

Interviews with 26 Ecommerce Experts – Econsultancy

Digital publisher Econsultancy compiled all of its ecommerce-themed interviews for 2010 into one handy column. Included are interviews with ecommerce experts representing Zappos, eBags, PayPal, eBay Mobile and more.

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