Ecommerce News Around the Web for December 24, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

6 Top Industries for 2011 – Entrepreneur Daily Dose

Research firm IBISWorld looked at more than 700 industries to identify six likely top performing small business types for the coming year.

Email Strategies for Cart Recovery – GetElastic

Many online shopping platforms can be set to automatically save cart contents long after the shopper has logged off. This blogger says sending email reminders to shoppers with saved cart contents can convert a good percentage of so-called “abandoned carts” into sales.

SEO Strategies for Longtail Keywords – HubSpot

Longtail keywords may not be as obvious as single keywords, but longtails will often perform much better in SERPs (search engine result pages). This blogger demonstrates how longtail keyword phrases are often the best choice for SEO.

Privacy: Are Mobile Apps Too Invasive? – MacNewsWorld

Here is a piece about an article titled “Your Apps Are Watching You” that recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal. The writer ponders the benefit of intelligent apps that track users’ exact location and intimate behaviors, versus mounting privacy concerns.

Green Websites Set Eco-Friendly Tone – 1stwebdesigner

Some consumers like to know that the companies they deal with are socially conscious, and shoppers can be particularly drawn to websites that display global awareness. Here are 25 examples of nature-friendly sites that prove being green never goes out of style.

Get Better ROI from Social Media – E-commerce Times

The tech-based research agency Gleanster recently surveyed 284 companies about their social media habits. According to the survey’s results, there are seven activities that successful social marketers have in common.

PayPal Takes a Stance on 2011 Sales Tax Laws – AuctionBytes

New IRS tax reporting laws for the Internet will go into effect in 2011, and online payment processors are already adapting to the upcoming changes. Ecommerce merchants that want to know how PayPal will handle the updated tax laws should read this post.

Video Marketing: A Hot Trend for 2011 – BizReport

Estimates by Internet marketing research company comScore say that 84 percent of the U.S. population currently watch online videos. And, since five minutes of viewed content represents approximately 40 seconds of advertising time, this makes video one of the hottest marketing tends for 2011.

Smartphone Ownership Gains Momentum – cellular-news

The research and marketing firm Thomas/Ferrous recently polled 424 U.S. adults about smartphone usage. Among the survey results: Smartphone ownership is up nearly 50 percent from 2009, and 47 percent of users said they made at least one purchase on their phone in 2010.

Tap the Power of Twitter – Both Sides of the Table

Still have reservations about how Twitter can help businesses succeed online? This post should put any doubts to rest.

Don’t Market, Just Communicate – copyblogger

This professional web copywriter says there is no reason to include marketing and sales in content writing. Just say who you are, how you can make the reader’s life better with your “thing,” and explain what you intend to do next.

New Digital Ad Units for Your Consideration – ClickZ

The technology for digital advertising is evolving at a breakneck pace. Some of the most recent types of ad units are described here, from mobile ads that remain in a fixed onscreen position as the user scrolls, to video units that frame ads with the advertisers’ logo or product message.

75 Great Resources for Your Small Business – Mashable

Mashable copy editor Emily Banks has compiled a useful list of 75 resources for small businesses. Included are links to web advice for startups, innovative ideas for productivity, intermediate and advanced marketing methods, essential technical tools, and more.

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