Ecommerce News Around the Web for February 19, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Facebook Drives a Majority of Social Sharing on the Web – TechCrunch

Why does Facebook matter to marketers? For many reasons, but add a new one. It drives as much as 44 percent of all social sharing done on the web. That’s significant for a number of reasons, not the least of which, it’s turning Facebook into a social search engine.

Facebook is the Web for Millions of People – The Steve Rubel Lifestream

Blogger Steve Rubel says that Facebook is moving from being a place where people connect to each other to a site where people connect with businesses. For many, it is the first site they visit in the morning and the last one at night. Facebook is “eating the Web,” according to Rubel.

Twitter Continues Significant Growth – Marketing Pilgrim

Twitter traffic is sometimes considered insignificant when compared to the massive volume generated by Facebook. However, with 75 million visitors in January 2010, it is a force to be reckoned with in its own right. That’s only counting those who visit via itself. Even more come through third-party apps like TweetDeck.

Avoiding the Top Three SEO Time-Wasters – Web Marketing Today

Stop wasting time focusing on the wrong things to achieve search engine optimization (SEO) success. Here is some practical advice on how to get the maximum ROI on your time invested in learning SEO.

The Convergence of Advertising, Ecommerce and the Mobile Web – O’Reilly Radar

The goal of advertising is to cause a transaction, says Internet technology futurist Tim O’Reilly. He suggests the next breakthrough in advertising itself is its convergence with ecommerce, especially as the onslaught of mobile technologies makes online transactions simpler.

Increase Repeat Purchases via the Use of Postcards – BigCommerce

In an age when marketing and advertising is moving online at a grand scale, BigCommerce blogger Mitchell Harper suggests postcards are still viable, at least when combined with a discount. Will consumers redeem the coupon? You bet they will, he says.

One Simple Step to Improve Your Ecommerce Traffic – SEO Consult

Ecommerce sites typically have more pages than the average website, and a list of keywords to go along with it. Not only that, product pages tend to be an annoyance for SEO. But there is one simple step that you can take to create competitive advantage.

Wikimedia Foundation Gets $2 Million Donation from Google – Ecommerce Journal

Wikimedia Foundation, the organization started by Jimmy Wales that oversees Wikipedia and other sites, received a generous donation in the amount of $2 million from Google. While the gift will cover the organization’s expenses for the foreseeable future, it still faces problems.

Planet Payment Receives U. S. Patent – Ecommerce Journal

Planet Payment, a multi-currency and data processor, has been granted a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its Time-of-Transaction Foreign Currency Conversion process. The patent covers the company’s approach to payment card processing services, including one that gives cardholders the convenience of paying for purchases in their native currencies when traveling internationally.

27 of the Best iPhone Apps for Ecommerce Merchants – ZippyCart

There are scores of iPhone apps that can possibly be utilized for marketing an online store. ZippyCart has taken the headache out of sorting through them all, and has compiled a list containing 27 of the very best.

Ex-eBayer to Become Ecommerce Expert at Google – MediaPost News

Google is bringing on ex-eBay executive Stephanie Tilenius as vice president of commerce. While details are still scarce, The New York Times reports she will likely oversee Google Checkout, the company’s online payment system, as well as other ecommerce efforts.

Email Marketing Lessons From 2009 – reports that online retailers used some smart strategies to drive conversions in 2009. These included such approaches as a high degree of list segmentation and the inclusion of social media into the marketing mix. Still, other lessons needed to be learned.

Five Offers to Use for Your Business During Tax Season – VerticalResponse

The day we all dread, April 15, is not far away. VerticalResponse offers some ideas to turn that negative into a positive using some fun tax-related offers.

The Problems Associated with Showing Competitor Prices – Elastic Path

Sixty-three percent of consumers say they would like to see competitors’ prices on a retailer’s site, and 78 percent would likely return to a site that shows competitors’ prices. So, what’s the problem? Risking lawsuits, eroding trust and advertising for the competition are just a few.

Holiday Trends for the Small Ecommerce Merchant – LexiConn

comScore and other reporting agencies tend to focus on larger big-box ecommerce retailers. But, how did small ecommerce merchants fare this past holiday season? Cyber Monday was a busy shopping day, while Black Friday was very quiet, says this report.

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