Ecommerce News Around the Web for Jan. 22, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Is Your Return Policy a Forgotten Fundamental?

What motivates customers to make a purchase? Price, free shipping, a large selection? While all of those factor in, it could be “trust” that makes the difference. A return policy is one sure key to building the trust and confidence in consumers so they hit the “buy” button. What does yours look like?

Is 2010 the Year You Get Started Using Social Media?

Many ecommerce merchants are leveraging social media very well. (Can anyone say Zappos?) This post outlines some guidelines to get started.

The State of Ecommerce in Canada

Weather in Canada is frosty this time of year, but is the state of ecommerce equally cold? Access to 28 million users and double-digit growth predicted for 2011 and 2012 indicate it could be a hot market.

SEO Challenges for 2010

When I say the names Dr. Ralph Wilson and Amanda Watlington, what comes to mind? Hopefully, expert insights into the world of SEO. Check out this video where Dr. Wilson interviews Ms. Watlington about three challenges we will face this year.

What Should Be on the Minds of the Email Industry in 2010?

Successful ecommerce merchants know that email marketing can be their bread and butter. This MediaPost article talks about the things professional marketers should be concentrating on and what they shouldn’t.

Nielsen Reports on Top Web Brand and Site Usage

How large is the audience for the top Web brands and how much time is being spent on each site? If you’re into numbers, this makes for some interesting reading. Notice the time spent on site statistics for Facebook and ask yourself, “Do I need a presence there?”

A Watershed Moment in Cyber Security

One thing on the minds of ecommerce merchants is security. McAfee identified a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that led to a massive cyberattack on Google and other high-profile sites.

Social Media’s Real Impact on Haiti, China and the World

Google’s reconsideration of its business in China coupled with the devastation that took place in Haiti last week continue to be leading news headlines. As with the Iranian election, social media has had a profound impact on these and other world events.

December 2009 U. S. Search Rankings, According to comScore

In December 2009, Americans conducted 14.7 billion core searches. Not surprisingly, with 65.7 percent market share, Google continues to lead the pack.

P&G Uses Online Store to Test Buying Habits

With traditional retailers downsizing the number of brands they carry, Proctor & Gamble is testing the waters with online retail to get a sense of consumer buying habits. Could this “learning lab” be a sign of things to come for big brands?

Christmas Commerce Stats Round-Up

Online retail sales statistics continue to filter in. In the U. S. the 4% rise in sales over 2008 seems to have held true.

Will Ecommerce Data Security Be Better in 2010 Than in 2009?

Tough economic times bring more shoppers online. Merchant readiness to handle confidential data is more crucial now than ever before. In 2010, will ecommerce merchants be better prepared to face the challenges than last year?

Set Up a Facebook Fan Page That Really Works

You know you need to be on Facebook. This article provides guidance on how to make the most effective use of a Facebook Fan Page.

Social Media Integration, a Ten-Step Process

Social media expert Brian Solis outlines the ten steps involved in full social media integration. There is more to it than having a Facebook Page and Twitter handle. It begins with listening, says Solis.

How Good Are Deals on Members-Only Web Sites?

Restricted shopping Web sites—which pitch steep markdowns on designer goods to its members for brief time periods—are soaring, growing by more than 400% last year despite the economy. But is an old sleight-of-hand trick slighting consumers?

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