Ecommerce News Around the Web for January 14, 2011

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Google Flags Hacked Websites – LexiConn

There is a new way for searchers to learn if a website has been hacked. Google recently announced on its blog that it will alert searchers of websites that may have been compromised by malicious software or security breaches. The new Google feature provides a useful means for site owners to keep a watch on security.

More About Website Security – Shopster

Internet businesses can increase consumer trust by posting legitimate trust seals and security logos onsite. Learn why it is critical for web stores to establish an SSL (secure socket layer) and to continually monitor security issues.

Make the Most of Facebook Places – DirectNews

Facebook launched its location-based platform known as ‘Places’ last year. Here are some tips for making the most of Facebook Places in ecommerce. There is also a link to another blog about leveraging Twitter’s marketing potential.

What’s Up with Quora? – Bazaar blog

Question-and-answer platform Quora is a newcomer to the social media conversation. Some experts are actually predicting that Quora will eventually overtake social behemoth Twitter. This blogger doubts that, but predicts Quora will continue to thrive long after the early buzz has died down.

Best Social Commerce Apps for 2010 – Social Commerce Today

Technology database CrunchBase has announced its top six picks for best social commerce apps in 2010. Its competition is known as ‘The Crunchies,’ and it is the equivalent of the Oscars for technology. Finalists include apps in the fields of credit cards, mobile rewards, group buys, and sales.

Mashable Announces Best Mobile App for 2010 – Mashable

Technology news leader Mashable has announced as its readers’ favorite mobile app for 2010. The app was designed to keep drivers from reading text messages on the road. It can read users’ emails and texts aloud and respond automatically without mobile devices being touched.

‘Slow Season’ Offers Branding Opportunity – Search Engine Land

The after-holiday doldrums are no time to walk away from marketing efforts. This blogger describes how online businesses can make the most of sluggish seasons by concentrating on brand awareness.

Lists Provide Captivating Content – Econsultancy

The list format (top ten, best of, and so on) is well known as one of the most captivating forms of online content. With tongue planted firmly in-cheek, this blogger provides his own list of reasons why lists make for popular reading.

Apple’s iPhone to Enter Verizon Network – MacNewsWorld

Apple’s iPhone is set to enter Verizon’s mobile network on February 10, according to an announcement made this week by Verizon. The device will be a CDMA (code division multiple access) version of the iPhone 4 that includes a WiFi hotspot feature, as well as a few more nifty tools.

Top Forrester Posts for 2010 – Forrester

In a move toward transparency, market researcher Forrester compiled a list of its “most visited, relevant, and helpful blog posts” for last year. There are links to timely posts on social media, mobile, SEO, and other marketing topics.

Ecommerce Definitions for Newcomers – HubSpot

For those who are new to ecommerce, or just too embarrassed to ask, here are easy-to-understand definitions for the terms SEO, CRM, CMS, blog and social network.

The Future of Ad Units – ClickZ

The online advertising organization IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) gathered input from agency leaders last fall to help determine which types of ad units it will recommend for 2011. Winning formats will be announced next month in an upcoming IAB release called “Ad Unit Guidelines.”

Writing a Privacy Policy – Entrepreneur Daily Dose

The purpose of a website’s privacy policy is to establish the terms and conditions of its use, and the information contained in it can vary widely from site to site. Here are practical tips for creating terms and conditions that are legal and appropriate to your business.

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