Ecommerce News Around the Web for July 16, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Second Quarter Online Retail Sales Show Growth –’s research report for second quarter online sales (done in cooperation with Forrester Research) shows average gross Internet sales grew by 15.1 percent compared to the same quarter in 2009. Over half the retailers who participated in the survey experienced growth of 10 percent or higher.

eBay Is Hit with Multi-Billion Dollar Lawsuit – Mashable

eBay has been hit with a $3.8 billon lawsuit by east-coast company XPRT Ventures LLC., which claims the auction giant stole its inventions when filing for patents related to PayPal. eBay is accused of “trade secret theft,” along with “sheer patent infringement.”

eBay Sellers Not Paying Sales Tax –

A new study reveals that sales tax collection among eBay sellers is “alarmingly low.” Only 18 percent of consumer electronics sellers collected sales tax, even for buyers who reside in the same state as the seller, said the study.

Gorilla Sacks Wins BigCommerce’s $35,000 Ecommerce Makeover – PR Newswire

Atlanta-based Gorilla Sacks is the grand prize winner in the BigCommerce $35,000 Ecommerce Makeover Contest. The site will receive a professional store redesign and migration of its online store to BigCommerce. Gorilla Sacks makes tote and messenger bags from recycled billboards.

Amazon Not the ‘Gold Standard’ to Follow, Says GetElastic – GetElastic

For years Amazon was considered to be the model to follow in ecommerce sales, with many companies implementing designs based on what Amazon did. GetElastic outlines 10 reasons why this is a dangerous practice.

Working Women Spend Up to an Hour Per Day Shopping Online – MediaPost Blog

Women control up to 73 percent of U.S. household spending, according to a whitepaper from AOL Advertising. As many as 40 percent of them use work hours to do their shopping online. Overall, women tend to shop between 15 and 30 minutes a day while at work. Working moms, however, tend to shop for even longer periods of time.

Determining Which Online Marketing Tactics are Right for You –

Online marketing for ecommerce merchants can run the gamut, from email to search to Facebook, and beyond. It takes time to weigh the options and determine which tactics are right for your business.

Perfect Site Design, the Holy Grail in Conversion Optimization – AuctionBytes

Capturing the attention of fickle shoppers can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Research shows that as many as 50 percent of site visitors leave after viewing just one page. Finding the perfectly optimized page is a website designer’s Holy Grail.

Conversion Optimization Expert Says Your Website Sucks –

“Your website sucks,” is how conversion rate optimization expert Bryan Eisenberg began his keynote speech at the recent Online Merchandising Workshop, sponsored by He says there is no reason to worry, though, as everyone else’s sites suck, too.

Live Help is One Way to Encourage Sales – CNBC

Abandoned shopping carts are the bane of the ecommerce merchant’s existence. “Live help” tools might be one way to provide better customer service and encourage sales.

Six Reasons You Need a Facebook Fan Page Now – Search Engine Journal

Ecommerce merchants are moving to Facebook in droves. Some are hailing it, while others hate it. One search engine marketing expert outlines six reasons why you need a Facebook page now.

Tutorial and Resources to Help You Design a Facebook Page – Smashing Magazine

Now that you have decided to set up a Facebook page, what can you do to distinguish yours from all the others? Smashing Magazine provides a number of tutorials and resources to make your page not only function well, but stand out from the pack in terms of design.

Social Network Heavy Users Also Biggest Spenders – eMarketer

Online retailers can be some of the biggest beneficiaries of social network users who friend or follow business’ fan pages. eMarketer reports that more than 90 percent of online merchants are planning a Facebook presence by the end of 2010. There’s good reason, as heavy social network users are also the biggest online spenders.

Only Two Percent of Marketers Disregard Facebook, Study Says – WebProNews

A new study says that 76 percent of marketers plan to leverage Facebook for “social commerce” initiatives. 20 percent are still weighing options, while a mere two percent have no plans to use the social network. Most want to use Facebook to drive traffic to their dot com sites, while 26 percent planned to set up a shopping cart inside Facebook itself.

Measuring the Online Impact of User-generated Content – ClickZ

User-generated content (UGC) is a trusted resource by online shoppers, so much so that it leads to more confident buying decisions and can lead to an increase in sales. But, how do you as an ecommerce merchant measure success? This article suggests two ways businesses can do so.

Blog Software Application for Use with Magento – Ecommerce Web Design

WordPress is probably the most popular blogging software platform in use today. For Magento sites, however, one designer suggests the use of aheadWorks Free Blog extension as a more suitable alternative.

Now That You Have an Online Video, What Do You Do With It? – TurnHere

The use of online video is growing at a fast pace. It provides many benefits, such as giving online retailers the opportunity to showcase products, show the company’s personality and highlight what makes the business unique. But, once you have a video, what should you do with it? This article suggests four places to provide a link to your video.

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