Ecommerce News Around the Web for June 18, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Cart Abandonment on the Rise – Econsultancy

Checkout abandonment continues to rise thanks to increased customer expectations, comparison shopping and several other factors, according to an article in Econsultancy. It cites Forrester Research, which says that up to 88 percent of customers have abandoned carts.

Google’s Caffeine Good to the Last Drop – Technewsworld

Good has just launched a new way of indexing pages aimed at increasing the speed by which queries are returned. The new technology, dubbed “Caffeine,” gives users results from pages that were updated only moments before. Announces Formation of Think Tank – has just announced the creation of the Think Tank. Once the selection process is completed, members of this group will debate some of the industry’s most important issues and provide thought leadership for ecommerce and cross-channel retail.

iPhone 4G an Ecommerce Game Changer – EDL Consulting

Mobile storefronts have gained popularity throughout 2010 as companies look for an easy way to connect with customers. The release of Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 4G, has ecommerce companies prepared to unleash a series of new SaaS applications designed to connect them directly with their customers.

British Retailers Warned to ‘Raise Their Game’ –

Retailers in the U.K. have been told by senior business figures that they must raise their game when it comes to ecommerce. Among the issues addressed in a recently published independent report was an apparent lack of willingness among CEOs to own ecommerce. According to the report only 30 percent of retailer’s ecommerce operations report to the CEO.

PayPal Bets on Singapore to ‘Make’ Mobile E-commerce Market – PCWorld

PayPal is betting Singapore’s government can spur the development and adoption of mobile e-commerce applications in the Southeast Asian city-state. PayPal is working with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore to develop mobile ecommerce services through a project called Digital Concierge.

Days of Long Product Descriptions Are Over For Ecommerce, One Expert Suggests – ZippyCart

Recognized ecommerce industry expert John Lawson has taken a somewhat controversial stance. He suggests the days of long product descriptions are over for ecommerce sellers. In his words, they are “bad for business.”

Recession is Out, Luxury is In – Econsultancy

Online customers are searching for luxury brands, spending more on them and buying them faster than they were a year ago says Econsultancy, reporting on a study done on 424 luxury retail brands. The study looks at impressions, clicks, click through rates, CPC, cost, revenue, orders, conversion rates and average order value for the period ranging from November 2008 through April 2010.

Small Biz Trends Pulls Together List of Small Business Shopping Carts – Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends has pulled together a list of 49 ecommerce shopping carts best suited to small business. It starts by recommending apps like PayPal, Google Checkout, and Amazon Checkout and goes upward from there.

Facebook CEO Says Email May Become Obsolete – SocialBeat

Facebook chief operation officer Sheryl Sandburg says if you want to know what we will be doing with consumer technology in five years, look at what teenagers are doing today. Hint: They aren’t sending emails. Could SMS be the email of the future?

Marketing Emails Seeing High Open Rates – DM News

Who said email was dead? Marketing e-mails using a house list are seeing an average open rate of nearly 20 percent, a click-through rate of 6.64 percent and a conversation rate of 1.73%, according to a survey released June 15 by the Direct Marketing Association. The group also noted that nearly 60 percent of direct mail campaigns in financial services aimed to produce a direct sale.

Web Analytics Turn Customer Feedback into Sales – SFGate

Online customer feedback tools from vendors such as Get Satisfaction and UserVoice are enabling businesses to gain more information from their customers than ever before. That data is helping to improve the quality of their service, which leads to more business and increased sales.

New Study Includes Key Findings on Use of Social Media and Ecommerce – Jeffbulla’s Blog

A recent study by Compete that evaluated online shopping trends found, among other things, that consumers have been slow to embrace social media as a shopping resource. Sixty-one percent of respondents indicated that they never visit a retailer’s Facebook page. Discounts are needed as an incentive to drive traffic and sales.

Ning Adds Ecommerce, Gaming as Revenue Channels – TechCrunch

Those familiar with social networking site Ning know the company has gone through a seismic shift, both in terms of leadership and its business model. No longer furnishing users with a free service level, the network now offers new revenue streams, including ecommerce and gaming, to help users monetize their networks.

B2B Ecommerce in Europe – BCS

A study by European research company IDC Manufacturing Insights found that manufacturers embracing a B2B ecommerce plan could see operations improve and put themselves ahead of their competitors. Even though only 34 percent of European countries accept online orders, the research firm believes that the adoption of a business-to-business ecommerce system would reduce costs and increase productivity while retaining existing customers and pulling in new ones.

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