Ecommerce News Around the Web for June 25, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Ecommerce Purchases Show Highest Rise in Two Years – EDL Consulting

The number of purchases made on ecommerce websites has increased by 25 percent in May, according to a report recently released by IMRG and Capgemini. The numbers reported were the highest they have been since June 2008. The World Cup is said to have played an important role.

Dads Fared Well as Result of Online Purchases –

Online shoppers planned to spend 62 percent more for Father’s Day gifts than the typical shopper, according to May survey by BIGresearch. Almost 75 percent of online shoppers planned to buy a gift for their fathers or stepfathers, compared to less than half of regular shoppers. Gifts of choice from those surveyed were greeting cards, restaurant gift cards, books and CDs, and gift certificates.

Retailers May Want to Rethink Back-to-school Shopping Season – E-commerce News

The back-to-school shopping season ranks highly for brick-and-mortar and online retailers. However, a survey of 1,718 online shoppers conducted between May 12 and June 1 found that only 14 percent of those polled plan to spend more this back-to-school season than they spent in 2009.

Groupon Acquires Latin American Counterpart ClanDescuento – TechCrunch

The massively funded site Groupon has turned its attention to the budding ecommerce market in Latin America, following its acquisition of Berlin-based CityDeal. According to TechCrunch, the company has “apparently acquired” Chilean deal site ClanDescuento, and opened a new site called ClubeUrbano in Brazil. Groupon CEO Andrew Mason says of its plan to become a global Internet brand, “This is just the beginning.”

Visual Search Holds Promise for Online Retail – GetElastic

Visual search and image recognition technology holds lots of potential for online shopping, says GetElastic. Here is a “brain dump” of ways retailers could benefit from use of the technology.

Google Commerce Search 2.0 a Boon for Smaller Ecommerce Merchants –

Google is refreshing its Commerce Search with version 2.0, updating its optimization service geared for online retailers. The updates could give smaller etailers the ability to compete with heavyweights such as Amazon. The new version of the cloud-based service is now available in the United States and the U.K.

Tools and Tips for Improving an Ecommerce Site – ZippyCart

Tackling an ecommerce site improvement or migration project requires the proper tools and tips. This post from ecommerce platform comparison site ZippyCart provides a list of recommended resources to help merchants get started.

Don’t Forsake Fundamentals: Usability Rated No. 1 in Online Retail – eMarketer

Better navigation and the inclusion of social shopping are just two of the tactics online retailers are using to improve customer experience. Web users expect a lot from shopping sites, but their focus is still on the fundamentals, according to the “Revolutionizing Website Design” report from digital marketing agency Oneupweb.

Online Retailers Use Open APIs to Boost Competitive Advantage – InfoWorld

Online retailers are turning to software developers to increase their competitive advantage against the likes of and Wal-Mart. Opening up stores through the use of public APIs is one avenue being taken.

Major Online Retailers Split on Attitude Toward Saturday Mail Delivery – The Washington Post

Lawmakers are currently holding hearings to determine whether cuts should be made in Saturday U.S. Postal Service mail delivery. Two of the nation’s leading online retailers, Amazon and Netflix, weighed in with their views. One calls it a “bad idea,” while the other says it will have little impact.

Mercent CEO Cites Mobile and Social Shopping as New Ecommerce Trends – TechFlash

Eric Best, CEO of Mercent Corporation (a Seattle company that helps retailers sell and market products online on, Google and other websites), recently shared his views on two growing trends in online shopping — mobile and social. Best said mobile is driving real transactions, while social serves to influence buyer behavior.

iPad Marketing Potential Being Tested – DMNews

Ecommerce merchants are testing the iPad’s marketing capabilities. Best practices for harnessing the device’s full potential have yet to emerge, say industry experts, but some marketers suggest there is first-mover advantage.

Social Network PPC Advertising Offers Distinct Advantage – Ecommerce-Marketing

Social networking sites like Facebook hold promise for ecommerce merchants, particularly where it comes to pay-per-click advertising. The personal information that networking sites gather on their users gives them a distinct advantage over search-related PPC.

Social Sharing Adds Double-digit Increase to Email CTRs – MarketingVOX

Email marketing messages with a social sharing option generate 30 percent higher click-through rates (CTRs) than emails without these features, says a new survey by GetResponse. The study also found that messages with three or more sharing options generated 55 percent higher CTRs. Emails with a Twitter sharing option returned over 40 percent higher CTRs than messages without any social media links.

Mobile Commerce Experiencing Growth Spurt – DMNews

The use of mobile commerce combined with increased smart phone usage indicates that the channel could become a significant revenue generator. Ecommerce platform providers are gearing up to meet the coming demand by incorporating m-commerce technology into their platforms.

Bazaarvoice Builds Apps On Social Platforms Like Facebook and Twitter – MediaPost News

Bazaarvoice has released a product suite that builds out Facebook, Twitter and MySpace social network platforms with custom tools and apps. Its SocialConnect suite gives consumers a voice through rating and review, social sharing, and the ability to syndicate content. The tools aim to drive sales, reduce returns, and boost success for search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns.

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