Ecommerce News Around the Web for March 12, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Five Common Ecommerce SEO Mistakes – Econsultancy

Search engine optimization is both art and science that often requires the skills of a trained professional. Learn from these five common SEO mistakes made by ecommerce sites.

Handy Dandy Tools for Ecommerce Websites – Smashing Magazine

There is a plethora of tools that make it easier to get the most out of your ecommerce site. This article introduces some of these tools and offers a tip or two on how to use them.

Forrester Paints Rosy Ecommerce Outlook – E-commerce News

In 2009, ecommerce was a clear winner in a recession that took its toll on most of our economy. Forrester Research’s new report, “U.S. Online Retail Forecast 2009 to 2014,” takes a look at 2009 for online shopping, and it also presents some promising predictions for the ecommerce industry over the next four to five years.

U.K. Online Retail Sales Up – BBC News

Retail sales in the U.K. bounced back in February 2009 after a tough January, according to figures from the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Sales were up 2.2 percent compared the 0.7 percent fall in January. Snow is thought to be the culprit.

Americans Watched 32.4 Billion Online Videos in January – Marketing Charts

U.S. Internet users watched 32.4 billion videos in January 2010, according to the comScore Video Metrix service. Google accounted for 4 in 10 online videos, ranking as the top U.S. video property with 12.8 billion videos, or 39.5 percent of total online videos viewed. That is thanks, of course, to YouTube, which accounted for nearly 99 percent of all videos viewed at the property.

Why Consumers Abandon Shopping Cart Sites – ZippyCart

Shopping cart abandonment is a pervasive problem faced by every ecommerce merchant. There are a number of reasons why someone might abandon the cart prior to completing a purchase. Recent data from Hostway and Zeus Technology gives online retailers insight into what they may be doing that is causing consumers to abandon their sites.

Men Spend More Than Women Online –

According to the “E-Retail Report 2009” from Deutsche Card Services, women make more purchases than men, but spend less on each one. This article outlines that and other gender-related shopping differences.

Consumers Growing Averse to Using Credit Cards for Online Purchases –

Shoppers are using debit cards or forms of payment other than credit cards to make purchases online, says the February 2010 “Online Retail Payments Forecast 2010-2014” Javelin study. The poor economy and consumers’ growing aversion to carrying large credit card balances may be the reason why.

Social and Ecommerce Must Become Bedfellows – CIO

Tighter integration between ecommerce websites and social media sites is becoming essential. Social media offers merchants a massive opportunity to connect with customers encouraging them to “friend” the brand.

Integrated Marketing the New Watchword for Bloggers – Remarkablogger

There was a day when simply writing a blog post was enough to get traffic; not so any longer. Today, because we’re so scattered across multiple platforms (blogs, Facebook and Twitter, to name a few), an integrated marketing approach is needed.

Post Office Delivery Plans May Hurt Ecommerce – EDL Consulting

The United States Postal Service has considered reducing its delivery to a five-day week, eliminating its Saturday service. The elimination of Saturday service would likely prevent consumers from making certain purchases, according to

Looking Your Best on Facebook – All Facebook

Is marketing via Facebook helpful to you? This post contains five simple tips for creating a more attractive and interesting online persona using images, writing and information.

Inventor Forecasts Future of Marketing Technology – iMedia Connection

Targeted advertising will someday be based on a deeper understanding of the specific personality, desires, and needs of each consumer, says inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil. He says we will ultimately be spending most of our time in a blend of virtual and actual reality. The technologies that succeed in the marketplace will be the ones that meet our basic human needs to communicate and socialize. (See, there is a need to improve your Facebook profile.)

Transactional Advertising on the Rise – TechCrunch

Where is online advertising headed? Preferential placement of a product or service at the point of a transaction is something called “transactional advertising.” TrialPay’s CEO, Alex Rampell, predicts this will expand as a category in the years to come.

MasterCard Renews Multi-year Payment Technology Agreement with Transaction Network Services – MarketWatch

Transaction Network Services has renewed its agreement with MasterCard to provide payment server software for MasterCard’s ecommerce platform, the MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS). MiGS provides an outsourced payment gateway service for MasterCard’s bank acquirers and merchant customers. More than 70 bank acquirers and over 17,000 merchants use it worldwide.

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