Ecommerce News Around the Web for March 5, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants. In this week’s edition, we are taking a slightly different tack and focusing on ecommerce and social media. Among other things, we have pulled together several articles that focus on creating a Facebook Fan Page that really works.

Facebook Grows as Ecommerce Platform – EDL Consulting

Since it achieved profitability in 2009, Facebook has begun a slow trajectory toward greater use of ecommerce. A deal with PayPal in February led to greater development of Facebook’s virtual product sales, which in turn have led to the sale of consumer goods through brand fan pages. Procter & Gamble has become the latest company to participate.

Create a Killer Facebook Fan Page – Mashable

It’s easy to create a Facebook Fan Page, but difficult to make it successful. It takes active engagement with fans through use of creative content and a fun and casual tone. Here are five case studies of companies who are doing it right.

Ten Steps for Creating a FANtastic Facebook Fan Page – MarketingProfs

Because Facebook Fan Pages are indexable by search engines, it makes sense to optimize them through the use of keyword-rich text. This article shows you how to create a page that gets the attention of search engines and also keeps fans coming back time and again.

Ten Rules for Facebook Advertising – Business Insider

Facebook Ads are becoming a popular form of social media engagement and another channel through which brands can connect with customers on the site. Here are some rules to help you maximize your use of this option.

Facebook Tagging Can Help Your Small Business – Catalyst Marketers

Following Twitter’s lead, Facebook introduced tagging into its platform a few months ago. From a marketing perspective, Facebook tagging is a great way to build relationships with other businesses and customers.

Make Social Media and Email Work Together – Vertical Response Marketing Blog

There is a lot of conversation going on now about how email and social media can work in harmony. Recently, email marketing company Vertical Response did a webinar on the topic as part of its series on social media.

Launch an Ecommerce Site with Social Networking – MarketingSherpa

Generating traffic and customers for a new ecommerce site can be difficult. As a way to remedy that problem, two New Zealand-based marketers built an online community of potential customers before they launched their online store.

Companies Looking Beyond Facebook and Twitter for Social Media Involvement –

With all the talk of Facebook and Twitter, ecommerce companies are actually looking much further. Social media writer and consultant Paul Gillin said the early returns from a survey he carried out show that companies are using an average of eight social media platforms, compared to less than one in 2006.

Post Office Action Plan May Impact Online Retailers – AuctionBytes

The United States Post Office published a plan to cope with the declining volume of mail. That decision could have a significant negative impact on ecommerce merchants. A possible move to a five-day delivery schedule and likely fee changes could mean that online sellers who use USPS may have to find other providers to deliver their products.

Writing an Ecommerce Returns Policy That Boosts Sales and Obeys the Law – Evolution

A well written, clearly outlined returns policy can help boost sales and enhance customer confidence. Make sure yours does that, and stays within the boundaries of the law as well. (Article from the U.K.)

Ecommerce to Play More Significant Role for Small Business in Coming Years – GlobalGold

In a study conducted by and YouGov, 35 percent of businesses predict the majority of their income will be generated online within the next five years. 58 percent said ecommerce would be their greatest growth area between now and 2015. (Article from the U.K.)

Amazon Founder Worth Whopping $30 Billion in Five Years – The Huffington Post

Bill Gates is not the only Internet billionaire. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is getting his fair share of Internet fame and fortune, too.

Negative Ecommerce Reviews Have a Positive Side – Ecommerce-Guide

Negative product reviews from a customer should not be considered a bad thing. For the small retailer willing to let them live on the site, they can actually build credibility.

Online Sales Bright Spot in Retailing – Digital Media Newswire

The online retail sector is positioned to grow in 2010, according to Jack W. Plunkett, CEO of Plunkett Research Ltd. He says consumers looking for convenience and low prices are turning to the Internet to find bargains.

Use Online Loyalty Programs to Bring Customers Back – Blue Acorn

Every business knows the best customer is a repeat customer. Many online businesses fail to take advantage of the intrinsic profit potential in repeat customers. Creating an online loyalty program can help bring them back week after week.

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