Ecommerce News Around the Web for November 5, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

YouTube SEO Secrets Revealed – ClickZ

Search engine optimization has a reach that goes far beyond Google, Yahoo! and Bing. This blogger says he attended a search engine strategies conference in Chicago last month, and gleaned some first-rate tips for optimizing YouTube videos for search.

Shipwire Integrates Shipping Tools with PayPal – Shipwire

Shipping services vendor, Shipwire, announced this week that it has integrated a suite of shipping tools into PayPal’s embedded application framework. Shipwire’s new launch is still a few months away, but the company says the app will provide order management and label printing features for PayPal users.

New Home Page Design for eBay – AuctionBytes

The holiday season seems an inopportune time for eBay to be making changes to its platform, but the auction house announced more changes this week. Its home page now sports a new vertical menu, and according to eBay, the site will highlight “hot new deals and trends.”

50 PSD Downloads for Free – 1stwebdesigner

Designers will enjoy exploring this impressive collection of 50 high-quality Photoshop Document (PSD) files that can be downloaded for free. Included are text effects and styles, menus, buttons, icons, arrows, ribbons, web page templates, and much more.

7 Concise Conversion Tips – ColderICE

Ecommerce merchants are always looking ways to get more site visitors to follow through with a purchase. This blog, written by conversion expert Tim Ash, contains seven concise tips to help convert window shoppers into buyers.

Holiday Email Ideas – Constant Contact

The race is on for holiday email marketing, and the competition is on your heels. Find out how to give your email messages the best opportunity to be seen, opened, and clicked through.

Don’t Be an Email ‘Nudnick’ – copyblogger

There is always a limit on how much information email subscribers will absorb, no matter how much they may like you or your brand. And, when marketers badger subscribers with too many emails, it sends a message of disrespect for the recipient’s time and attention. This blogger calls such emailers “nudnicks,” and he offers some ways to avoid becoming one.

Google Settles on Privacy Litigation – E-commerce Times

Google sent an email this week to all its Gmail users announcing that it has settled the privacy flap we wrote about last week. The problem was that Google had been adding “followers” from users’ accounts without asking for permission. Google settled the class-action suit with an apology to Gmail users and a pledge to contribute a few million dollars to Internet privacy causes.

How to Grade Your Customer Service – GetElastic

Many business owners pride themselves on excellent customer service, but most could do a better job at it. Download this handy scorecard to help your company find gaps in customer interaction, and learn how to reach the pinnacle of stellar service.

Facebook Users Can Also ‘Unlike’ Your Brand – ClickZ

Every Facebook user knows about the little “thumbs up” icon that says “I like this page.” But did you know that users also have options to “unlike” your brand, or even mark your content as spam? Learn more about it here.

How Not to Use LinkedIn for Your Business – HubSpot

Last month, this blogger told us the nine worst ways to use Facebook in business, and now she does the same for LinkedIn. Read it and discover nine things you should not be doing with your LinkedIn account.

New ShopRunner Platform Competes with – Direct Marketing News

GSI Commerce’s new ShopRunner platform is attracting dozens of retailers hoping to compete with The GSI release includes a cooperative that allows retailers to join forces, expand their ecommerce presence, keep shipping costs down and improve delivery speed.

Apple Lawsuit Strikes Back at Motorola – Macworld

Less than a month after Motorola sued Apple for stealing its smartphone secrets, Apple is striking back at Motorola with a retaliatory lawsuit. This blogger says such lawsuits are all too common among technology providers, and partly a business strategy.

Resources for A/B Testing – Mashable

A/B testing means collecting data from two different versions of content to find the best response. A/B testing can be a useful exercise for web developers and Internet marketers, and here are some resources to help you get started.

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