Ecommerce News Around the Web for September 10, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Google Instant: Search Experts Weigh In – Econsultancy

The buzz this week is all about the launch of Google’s newest search feature, Google Instant. Its main function is to instantly suggest topics as searchers type each character into Google’s search box. This has Internet marketers wondering what impact Google Instant will have on search marketing. Four seasoned search experts weigh in on what to expect and how marketers can make the most of this new search paradigm.

Increase Social Proof to Juice Up Your Blog – copyblogger

Social proof is a lot like “Any friend of yours is a friend of mine.” Find out how to encourage more social interaction on your blog by providing social proof that you are worthy of the attention.

Minimalist Business Cards a Hot Trend – 1stwebdesigner

The purpose of business cards is to make a good and lasting impression. An emerging trend toward minimalism in business card design could answer that call. Here is a group of business card designs that creatively lean toward minimalism, with some stunning results.

Make Google Chrome Jump Through Hoops – Mashable

Google’s Chrome browser was launched two years ago, but many users have no idea of all the functions it offers. This blog explains ten useful tricks Google Chrome can perform, and how users can get the most out of the Chrome browser.

Subscriber Retention: Don’t Count on It – GetElastic

Subscription products such as software, music, wireless plans, and games are often renewable. But, if you think the renewal process is automatic, better think again. Consumers are getting good at sniffing out better subscription deals and even free alternatives.

On Choosing an SEO Pro – Shopster

Search engine optimization can be a slippery slope. The goal line is in constant motion, and practices that are universally adopted can quickly fall out of favor. Choosing an SEO professional can be equally confusing. Here are a few tips to find expert SEO assistance.

Bing-Yahoo! Take 25 Percent of August Search Market – DirectNews

Google is the undisputed search leader, with more than 70 percent of the search market, but Bing and Yahoo! searches took a nice share of the August 2010 activity. A report published by Experian Hitwise says that combined Yahoo! and Bing searches in August equaled nearly 25 percent (24.56 percent) of the market.

The Lie About Unlimited Hosting – LexiConn

Web hosts that promise unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth are flat-out lying, according to this post. In his third post in a series about hosting uptime guarantees, the writer explains why he thinks hosting limits are actually a good thing.

Video Interview with eBay VP – ColderICE

Auction giant eBay was on location in San Jose, Calif. last week to celebrate its fifteen-year anniversary. Dinesh Lathi, eBay’s vice president of buyer and seller experience, took a break from the festivities to talk with business expert John Lawson. Here Lathi discusses recent changes to eBay and what sellers can expect in the future.

Email Marketing: No Instant Gratification – Constant Contact

It takes time to build a solid email list. It can also take time for a good email list to start performing. This post says email marketers should not expect to go from zero to 60 overnight. The writer offers a few practical ideas for how to build contact lists that help pump up your ROI.

Keep Sales and Digital Marketing in Line – E-commerce Times

Too often digital marketers do not consult their own sales team when crafting new marketing strategies and launching online marketing campaigns. Similarly, the sales team can branch out on their own without considering online marketing strategies. Here are some smart steps to help align both sales and digital strategies to good effect.

Online Polls Can Foster Customer Participation – Entrepreneur Daily Dose

If you want to know how much your customers really care about you and your brand, online polls could help you find the answer. This blog profiles a small hamburger joint that whipped up 92,000 responses to an online poll asking where it should build its next restaurant.

When to Dump Cart Contents – GetElastic

It can be a good idea to hold a customer’s abandoned cart contents just in case he or she comes back to finish the sale. But how long is too long to “persist” an abandoned shopping cart?

Microsoft Gives a Peek at Office For Mac 2011 – Macworld

Microsoft has announced it will launch Office Mac for 2011 in October, and the software leader has been offering tiny glimpses of what users can expect. This blog contains a video with Kurt Schmucker, senior evangelist for Macintosh’s business unit, who introduces a few of Office 2011’s features.

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