Ecommerce News Around the Web for September 17, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

How to Corral Promotional Codes – GetElastic

Everybody likes discounts. A large percentage of Internet shoppers are digging around for promo codes, coupons and discounts before clicking the “buy” button. Here are some tips to keep shoppers on your site without giving away the store.

On Building Credibility – copyblogger

One of the biggest barriers to conversion is a lack of trust. Shoppers who are confident that the merchant and the brand are credible are much more likely to complete a purchase. Here are three simple tips for building confidence, credibility and trust into your sales copy.

A New Font of Web Fonts – Mashable

Web designers, publishers, creative agencies and individuals now have access to a huge library of web fonts with the recent launch of Web Fonts by Monotype Imaging. It offers two paid versions with roughly 7,000 downloadable typefaces, as well as a free version with more than 2,000 unique fonts to use.

Tweaks to Twitter Announced – DirectNews

Social media behemoth Twitter announced this week that it is rolling out some changes to its platform to give users a richer experience. There will be expanded options for users to learn more about fellow twitterers and their tweets, including mini-user profiles, contextual information for each tweet, and related videos and/or images.

50 Effective Single-Page Web Designs – 1stwebdesigner

When it comes to website design, simpler is often better. Here are 50 examples of modern web designs that say everything that needs to be said in a single page.

Fuel Up Your Social Media Engine – Constant Contact

This blogger says a retail business is like an automobile; the engine is the customer experience, email marketing is fuel, and social media is the “turbo charger” that pushes the business ahead of the pack. Read this post if you are skeptical about the positive effects of social media in ecommerce.

Declined Card Not Necessarily the End of the Transaction – LexiConn

Just because a credit card purchase is declined does not necessarily mean the transaction is irretrievable. There are many reasons for declines, and not all of them are the customer’s fault. This blog explains why credit card declines happen, and what merchants can do to salvage a large percentage of declined transactions.

Social Commerce 2010: A Holiday Must-Do – Bazaar blog

Social commerce is expected to wield more influence over holiday shoppers this season than ever before. The writer walks us through a typical online shopping trip (bolstered with some statistical analysis) to illustrate social media touch-points intended to sway online shoppers.

Price Cuts Often Cost Too Much – Entrepreneur Daily Dose

Lagging sales can cause ecommerce merchants to automatically cut prices or offer discounts intended to stimulate more sales. But, what if your customers are just not in a buying mood? This blog shows how careless price cuts can send your profit margin down the tubes.

An Introduction to Product Videos in Ecommerce – E-commerce Times

Consumers love to see multiple views of products before they buy, and video is perhaps the most effective use of this sales tactic. Here is a step-by-step guide for putting product videos to their best advantage on your website.

Do Bigger Ad Units Perform Better? – ClickZ

A new form of advertising introduced last week by Undertone Networks is called the PageGrabber, and that is exactly what it does. The ads are designed to transform a landing page into an entirely new page where the advertisement performs its marketing tricks, then returns viewers to their original point of entry. Can whole-page ads persuade better than their smaller counterparts? This blog says no.

Federal Data Privacy Proposals Criticized by NetChoice – DMNews

Two federal proposals to regulate online privacy have ecommerce advocate, NetChoice, in a spin. NetChoice is a coalition of trade associations, ecommerce businesses and online consumers that attempts to break down barriers to ecommerce. It says that proposed federal privacy restrictions and expanded Internet tax regulations are a serious threat to the growth of online commerce.

Nielsen Says Bing in Second Place for August Searches –

Microsoft Bing has pulled ahead of Yahoo! search for the first time since its launch in May 2009, according to a Nielsen Company report. The report said Bing logged 13.9 percent of the August 2010 search share, compared to Yahoo!’s 13.1 percent. Nielsen did not take into account that Bing search was fully integrated into Yahoo!’s sites on August 24, and Nielsen reps say they will continue to report the two companies as separate entities.

comScore Says Nielsen Is Wrong About Bing’s Growth – Search Engine Land

This writer scoffs at a recent Nielsen report that says Bing’s search activity overtook Yahoo! searches in August. He compares the Nielsen data with a report by comScore that says that Bing activity is not growing at all; it is actually flat.

Developer Tutorial: Facebook JavaScript SDK – 1stwebdesigner

Facebook provides a JavaScript software development kit (SDK) that enables users to access all of the Graph API features, including a rich features set with authentication and sharing. This tutorial details exactly how to integrate Facebook JavaScript SDK into a website.

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