Ecommerce News Around the Web for September 3, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Shrinking USPS Postage Labels Not Recommended – AuctionBytes

Merchants who print their own postage labels can often save money on shipping costs. But what if the label is too big for the package? Can’t you just scale it down? This article says reducing USPS labels to fit smaller packages is bad because it can cause delivery problems.

A Huge List of Web Design Checklists – 1stwebdesigner

Designing websites is a complicated business, and it can be difficult to keep all the details in mind during the launch of a new site or site redesign. Here is a huge list of web design checklists, including client checklists, pre-launch checklists, usability checklists, SEO, navigation, web standards, and many more.

Twitter Launches iPad App – Mashable

A free Twitter application for iPad has just been announced. Twitter for iPad will allow users to easily navigate between tweets, posts, web pages, photos, videos and updates.

Tasty Copywriting Tips – copyblogger

This piece says that writing successful sale pages is a “recipe” and it offers some tasty copywriting guidelines. The author begins with tips on writing a solid opening paragraph; then he details how to outline the reason for your offer and how to create a “risk-free” environment for buyers. Lastly, there is advice on how to get that “buy” button clicked.

Your ‘Fan’ Is Not Necessarily Your ‘Friend’ – ClickZ

Just because someone “Fans” your Facebook page or signs up for your newsletter does not necessarily mean he or she wants a relationship with you or your company. The vast majority of subscribers never clicks emails or participates in forums, to the consternation of retailers and marketers across the web.

Basics: Google’s Priority Inbox – DMNews

The recent introduction of Google’s new Priority Inbox gives Gmail users much more control over how their email is classified, throwing many email marketers into a panic. This article offers four key strategies to keep your emails a priority for your target audience.

Consumer Behavior: Rely on Research, Not Assumptions – GetElastic

Many online merchants are fanatical about web analytics and customer data. But, how many really know how to turn all that information into an effective marketing campaign? This post says e-tailers should look to consumer research rather than relying on impressions and assumptions.

Building a Better Business Blog – E-commerce Times

Blogging for business helps to build link equity and strengthen brand loyalty, and this is why writing blogs is a central strategy for many online retailers. This article says blogs also help merchants build better relationships with their customers, and the author provides some sensible ways to create a successful blogging campaign.

SEO for Baidu, China’s Search Engine – Econsultancy

The most popular search engine in China is not Google. It’s Baidu. Search engine optimization (SEO) for Baidu is not the same as Google, either. Merchants who plan to extend their reach into the Chinese online market should read these eight good tips to get a better handle on Baidu SEO.

Meta Tags: Worthless or Worthy? – LexiConn

The worthiness of meta tags has been up for debate for some time. Google’s own Matt Cutts has made it clear that meta keywords are of no SEO value whatsoever to the major search engines, and this blogger agrees. However, he says there is still some value in crafting good meta descriptions.

Do Better on eBay – Shopster

eBay sellers can sell more if they can make it easier for customers to shop. Here are five usability tips to help increase conversions on eBay.

Cyber Libel Case Dismissed – MediaPost News

Troubled newscaster Toni Miles’ “cyber libel” claim against her former employer Raycom Media’s WLOX-TV has been dismissed. The suit was based on “defaming” comments about Miles posted by third-party users on the company’s website. Her claim was rejected by U.S. District Court Judge Louis Guirola, Jr. based on the federal Communications Decency Act.

Make a Deposit or Withdrawal From the List Building Bank – VerticalResponse

Email marketer VerticalResponse is gathering list-building tips from ecommerce merchants and other marketers through September 9, 2010, and the current entries are posted here. The best submission will win a copy of The Referral Engine, a book by marketing expert, John Jantsch.

Ten Great Ecommerce Posts – LexiConn

Here are links to ten timely ecommerce articles and blog posts on a variety of topics. Read how to make more sales online, what you can learn from Amazon, how to support your best customers, link-building tactics, and much more.

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