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Ecommerce Owner On Benefits of Niche Selling

Many ecommerce merchants occupy niches within a broader industry. Spotlight Retail is one of those merchants, but, in Spotlight’s case, it occupies 20 separate niches (and 20 separate ecommerce sites) around one ecommerce platform. The entrepreneur behind Spotlight Retail is John Montague, the company’s owner and day-to-day manager. He discusses niche retailing with Practical eCommerce’s Kerry Murdock.


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  1. Richard Kuipers December 4, 2008 Reply

    Mr. Montague has a very good point: when you’re a niche seller you are PERCEIVED by the customer that you’re an authority… because it’s the only thing you sell, you MUST know everything about it, right? Smart. On the other hand a niche seller (a "specialty store" in B&M-speak) is not the store you go to for the best deal. Like he said, though, the rewards for him are there.
    Agree 110% with on the Customer Service. It’s all you have to go on, even more so than in B&M. It starts at the top and trickles down from there. Same in our store. :)
    Good interview, thanks!

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