“Getting Started in eCommerce” PDF Now Available

Practical eCommerce announces the publication of a free, downloadable PDF guide, “Getting Started in eCommerce.

Individuals and companies entering the ecommerce business frequently find it confusing. Oftentimes, they make poor decisions based on this lack of understanding, and they spend much time and money redoing those decisions later on. The purpose of “Getting Started in eCommerce” is to assist those individuals and companies and to provide a general overview of what’s involved with running a successful online business.

The PDF guide is 14 pages. It contains explanations of shopping carts, online payments, search engines, email strategies, marketplaces and other selling channels, product sourcing, and online customer service considerations. It also provides a list of additional resources that could be helpful for entry-level merchants.

“There is no better time to get started in ecommerce than right now,” commented Armando Roggio, contributing editor for Practical eCommerce. “Yes, I know there is a recession, but consumers are still going to spend billions online this year. Capturing just a tiny portion of that market can make an entrepreneur very successful. But, as they say, the devil is in the details. What exactly do you need to do to start an ecommerce business? Those are the questions this guide seeks to answer.”

“Getting Started in eCommerce” is free. Practical eCommerce holds the copyright to the guide, but companies are welcome to upload it to their own sites and offer it to customers and prospects, provided that the guide remains intact and is not altered. Individuals are welcomed to download it and pass it along to friends.

Download “Getting Started in eCommerce” here.

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